Treating hiccups naturally without the aid of doctor

Hiccups in medical terminology are called as singultus or synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (SDF).  One gets hiccups when the diaphragm contracts unexpectedly and involuntarily, at the same time the larynx (voice box) even contracts and the glottis get closed, thereby blocking the air flow.

Causes of hiccups:

An extremely full stomach might lead to hiccups which after a while will reduce by on its own. An occupied stomach might be the outcome of any of the below reasons:

  1. Consuming too much quantity of food in too short time.
  2. Intake of heavy alcohol.
  3. Taking too much of air.
  4. Smoking.
  5. An unexpected change in the temperature of stomach, due to consumption of a cold drink followed by a hot drink.
  6. Excitement or stress caused due to emotions.

The following are few natural tips to cure hiccups which can be done by anyone on their own:

  1. Breath in deeply and hold the breath till the time permits. Also while taking breath, hold the nose without fail.
  2. Take one paper bag and breathe into, while breathing, keep the head out of the bag.
  3. Give the roof of the mouth a massage.  Massaging should be made with utmost care by using cotton swab.
  4. Consume a spoon full of sugar or peat butter.
  5. Burp, sneeze or cough.  If you are good enough to do any of the said three acts then they can easily assist you in easing the hiccups. It is believed that these three acts cause the diaphragm to contract and thereby stop the hiccups in the tracks.
  6. Give your nose little bit of pressure when you are swallowing.
  7. Astonishingly the branches of the Vagus muscle reach the auditory system all the way. And so Vagus muscle can be given stimulation by sticking the fingers into the ears. But be very careful to avoid pushing too hard or far.
  8. Compress the chest gently; it can be done by stooping forward.  Chest compression can also be done by bringing the knees to the chest and holding them for few minutes.
  9. Take a lemon and cut into thin slice and keep it on the tongue and start sucking it as you do with a sweet.
  10. To many people burping is one easy way to stop hiccups. Many say a burp after having some fizzy drink will give them relief from hiccups. Notwithstanding this fact doctors say drinking sodas can trigger hiccups.

The cure for intractable or persistent hiccups relies on the core reason behind the hiccups. The treatment also may vary from hypnosis or acupuncture to medicine. Few times many treatment methods may be implemented before intractable or persistent hiccups are restricted. If hiccups continue for few days or even longer, it is best to consult a doctor and get treatment as suggested after knowing the reason.

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