Treating gingivitis naturally

Are you suffering from Gingivitis then here are your home remedies to fight it. Follow these natural remedies to get relief. The following are the natural home remedies to treat gingivitis.

Lower the stress:

As per the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), there is a connection between the dental health and stress. People having stress comprise of compromised immunity, which makes it difficult to combat the bacteria responsible for periodontal infections and thus makes them vulnerable to gum illness.  Studies have also found that not every stress is equal. In researches conducted at three U.S. universities, people facing financial problems were at higher danger for periodontal ailment.

Prepare sea salt solution:

Take a little quantity of sea salt in small cup of lukewarm water and stir it well till it gets dissolved. Take a small sip of it into the mouth and gargle it for 30 seconds and spit out. Do the process several times to get relief. Salt solution will lessen the swollen gums and remove infections. Do this routine two times in a day while you brush.

Use tea bags:

Place tea bag in hot water, take out and let it cool. Place the cool tea bag on top of the gums that are affected; keep it as such for nearly five minutes. The tea bags have tannic acid which works efficiently to ease gum infections.

Apply some honey:

It is naturally antiseptic and antibacterial in nature, so using honey on infected gums is one natural remedy to cure gum problems. As soon as you are done with your brushing, apply a little amount of it on the problematic areas of the gums. See to that you don’t over apply it, remember it is only effective when it is applied on gums and not on teeth.

Gulp cranberry juice:

Cranberry juice is good enough to obstruct sticking of bacteria on the teeth, so make an effort to drink nearly 4 ounces of it each day.

Lemon paste:

Use lemon juice and little bit of salt to make lemon paste and mix it thoroughly well before applying to the teeth. Allow it to stay for few minutes, then gargle using lukewarm water to cleanse the paste off. Using lemon to treat gum problems is a two way benefit-

  • They are anti-inflammatory and so help in curing infected gums.
  • It has vitamin C that helps the gums to battle infection.

Consume Vitamin C high foods:

Not only lemons are useful in fighting gum problems but also all the vitamin c foods are good enough to treat gum related problems. Fruits like grapes, oranges, kiwi mango, strawberry and papaya are rich in vitamin c and also fight gum problems well.

Increase vitamin D intake:

Vitamin D is anti-inflammatory in nature and so we need vitamin D to effectively fight swollen gums along with preventing the reoccurrence. Older people should without fail take this vitamin D.

Also avoid tobacco and other bad habits that increase gingivitis.

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