Treating anemia with diet

A healthy food is a pre-requirement for all anemic patients. They should see to that the foods they eat are high in Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and folic acid. Below are the best foods to help with anemia.


This is one famous green leafy veggie that assists in stopping anemia. It has high amounts of iron, calcium, beta carotene, Vitamins A, C, E and B9, and fiber. It will assist in enhancing the total health of the body. According to studies ½ cup of cooked spinach has 3.2 mgs of iron, which counts for nearly 20% of iron requirement needed by a woman’s body per day. So, ensure that the meal you take has spinach each day in case you wish to ward off anemia.


This is one veggie that is well accepted to increase blood in the body. Beetroot is one vegetable rich in iron level. It will assist in reactivating and repairing the red blood cells. As soon as the RBCs are in active state the oxygen supply to whole of the body parts enhances. Addition of beetroot in whichever form in the daily menu will assist to easily combat anemia.

Red Meat:

Any kind of red meat, let be it beef, lamb or any other are high in iron levels. It has hem-iron which will easily be absorbed into the body. More importantly the heart, liver and kidneys of all kinds of red meats have high amounts of iron. Red meat is also a way to get high amounts of Vitamin B12. As per nutritionists’ beef liver contains over 600 % of the daily needed iron amounts.

Peanut Butter:

It is very rich in iron. Make every effort to incorporate peanut butter in the daily diet. In case your tongue hesitates to taste peanut butter, think of consuming fistful of roasted peanuts each day to combat anemia. One can get 0.6 mg of iron by eating 2 tsp of peanut butter.


Tomatoes are one kind of fruit that is highly rich in Vitamin C and also Lycopene. The presence of Vitamin C in them will assist the body to easily absorb iron. They are also high in Vitamin E, beta carotene and antioxidants so they act as natural conditioners to the skin and hair.


Egg is a good source to proteins and has lot many antioxidants which will assist in piling up the vitamins, so that the body can fight anemia well. One large egg has iron in1 mg quantity as per studies, so consume egg daily and increase blood content.


This is one well known fruit that has high amounts of vitamin C and iron. It aids in improving the flow of blood in the body apart from effectively treating anemic symptoms such as weakness, exhaustion and dizziness.

Honey and nuts, more importantly pistachio nuts and walnuts are also good to cure less blood content. Eat these foods on daily basis as part of diet plan for anemia. Remember that any food rich in iron is good in treating less blood levels.

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