Treating amnesia at home with herbs

Every one of us faces the situation of forgetting things now and then. This is a common situation and there is nothing to panic nor worry about it. It is a thing of worry only when this situation is continuous and perpetual.

What is amnesia?

When one faces problem remembering things too often then it is called as amnesia in medical terminology.

Amnesia or forgetting things more often is generally seen in older people. This situation is the result of weak nerve system during older age.

When the cells in the nerves get damaged due to some situation then their repair and revitalization is not as easy as that. When the cells in the nervous system get damaged frequently, it affects not only memory but even the brain. The brain cannot dispense its functions normally.

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When a person faces such situation he/she cannot carry on his/her day to day activities normally as he/she tends to forget things too often. The person faces difficulty in remembering easiest things such as the names of friends, family members and also generally spoken words. This kind of situation, as said above, is common in older people but at times it can happen due to damage of nerves for anyone due to accidents or other medical complications.

The deadliest symptom of amnesia is people gradually get into a situation where they even forget their own names. The major causes of amnesia are psychological imbalances and mental disorders. The other causes such as weak nerves and extreme mental pressure and perpetual mental trauma too can cause amnesia.  In general people suffering from amnesia at the starting stages, don’t remember things, names and the past incidents.

However, this situation is not a one that can be got under control that easily. We need many months of timely care and also other safety concerns. All in all, we shall not discuss on all those, but we shall see how to treat amnesia with natural remedies at home.

•    The easiest home remedy for amnesia is to take 5 dried Bacopa monnieri leaves, 5 almonds soaked in water (remove the outer layer of them) and also 5 black peppers. Make a paste by grinding all these by adding little amount of water. Strain it and add sugar to it and consume it in an empty stomach daily morning for 2 weeks.

•    Even taking 2 teaspoons of honey in combination with 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds powder is also very useful home remedy to treat amnesia to lessen weak memory.

•    The easiest diet for lack of memory is to take those foods rich in phosphorus. Prefer eating fruits, nuts and vegetables high in phosphorus content.

•    The other easy diet tip for memory loss is to eat 1 apple daily in the morning. Soon after eating apple drink milk by adding 1 teaspoon of honey. Doing so will calm down the mind in addition to increasing memory power.

Follow these easy herbal remedies for amnesia and you can increase memory power easily.

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