Treat puffy face with two easy face yoga exercise

To be physically fit and stress free people are implementing many exercising methods, both conventional and traditional. One such traditional exercising is ‘YOGA.’ By now you would have come across many names and procedures in yoga. One amongst them is FACE YOGA. As we have different types of yoga for different parts of the body so also face has different kinds of yoga, specifically useful for face. Face yoga has many benefits…let us see some of the uses of face yoga:

  1. It revitalizes the skin on the face that has been damaged due to stress and pollution exposure.
  2. It obstructs the premature age signs.
  3. It makes the skin radiant and glowing.

To say in a word all the benefits that you derive by going to a beauty parlor can be gotten by doing face yoga. This face yoga is also simple to do….it does not require specific place nor more time, it can be done right away form where you are. Here are two simple face yoga poses for face glow and beauty of the face…

1) Balloon posture: This is one of the face yoga for slimmer face.

How to do? Here are the procedures of doing it. Inhale air into mouth and keep the looks straight, this inhalation should be similar to inhaling air while you try to fill the balloon with air. Once the mouth is filled completely with air, press the lips slightly using fingers. Stay in this position for 10 seconds; keep breathing slowly for these 10 seconds. Repeat this process for 3 times by taking gaps in between but do remember that all the three times this should be done for 10 seconds each, which means totally 30 seconds for 3 times.

Benefits of balloon posture:

This face yoga posture increases the flow of blood in the face. The face has 57 small muscles which synchronize and get relaxed. Doing this yoga regularly for some days will remove bloated face and give leaner face.

2) Half balloon posture:

Keep the eyes straight and fill air in one side of the cheek. The other cheek should be pressed with fingers. Keep the air intact for 10 seconds and release it from mouth, take rest for few minutes. Again repeat the process for two more times with gap in between. Once three times on one side of the cheek is done, then the same procedure should be applied on other cheek. Even in this posture air should be taken slowly while the air is in the mouth.

Precautions to be taken while doing these yoga postures:

For effectiveness some precautions should be followed, more importantly with food items.

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Don’t take oil foods after 5 PM.
  3. Keep off from sodium rich foods.
  4. Eat more of foods that are high in good cholesterols such as olives, refined sugars, protein filled foods such as soy and nuts.
  5. Avoid milk with cream and prefer toned milk.
  6. Drinking water that is soaked with clove is also best option.

These are two easy and simple face yoga exercises for glow and shape of the face.

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