Treat joint pain naturally with these foods

Pain of any kind can be intolerable. Be it joint pain, arthritis pains or pain caused due to inflammation. The pains can be kept in check with proper exercises and correct diet. Here let us see the diet for joint pain relief. Here we go with joint pains diet plan.

Many of the pains are the cause of hormonal imbalances. Allergic reactions and nutrition deficiency can as well be the causes.

How to relieve joint pain?

First and foremost every care should be taken to keep the hormonal balances. Proper exercising and meditation should be done regularly. Foods for joint pain should consist of more veggies and fruits as they act as anti-inflammatory agents.

It is always a wise move to stay away from refined food such as sweets and biscuits. Increase the intake of fiber content by adding more of nuts and sprouts to the menu. Taking multivitamin tablets for three months is better as it reduces the vitamin deficiency if any.

Normally the diet we take is less in omega 3 fatty acids, which is important to fight pains, so it is better to take white fish thrice in a week. If you are a vegetarian you can take walnuts as they too are high in fatty acids.

Sometimes stress can also lead to pains so to avoid stress to the maximum by doing exercises and meditation.

The weakness of cartilage is also one of the reasons for pains, so the only way out is to protect the cartilage from damages. To have a stronger cartilage one must eat more of vitamin C foods. Include citrus fruits or take vitamin C supplements for 3 months not excluding 1000 milligrams.

We also need vitamin D for strong cartilage. One can get vitamin D by exposing to sunlight. White eggs, dairy products and Mackerel fish are also good options. Vitamin E fortifies the cartilage so eat nuts, green leafy vegetables and fresh vegetables to get vitamin E in adequate quantities. Eating ginger is also good as it reduces the inflammation.

See to that the food has correct amounts of calcium and phosphorus, as we need them to keep the bones strong. Shell fish and milk can be good options for calcium and phosphorus. Even the role of omega fatty acids cannot be underestimated in giving strong cartilage so eat more fish foods. Drinking bone soup is also an easy way to strengthen bones.

Anti-inflammatory drink: The best diet tip to kill pains naturally is to make a drink using 5 walnuts, 2 big pineapple slices, ½ cup curd, and small amount of ginger. Mix all these amounts in water and grind well. Drinking this juice daily tremendously decreases pains of all kinds.

Having said all by now you would have understood that you need all vitamins in correct amounts to fight pains. So follow a balanced diet and stay away from all sorts of pains.

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