Treat acne all the way naturally

Acne can be treated using natural ingredients easily, let us see how to make homemade masks for acne and different natural treatments for acne

Honey and Avocado mask:

You need an avocado and little honey.  Mash the inner part of the avocado and stir it using honey, keep stirring the two till they become paste. Once the paste is made rinse the face using water and dry it with soft towel. Apply the mask on the skin and allow it stay on for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash off with warm water and dry up the face using clean towel. Soon after this apply moisturizer based on the skin type.

Lemon juice:

Lemons are acidic by nature and as such are highly helpful in curing acne. Lemon will squeeze out the accumulated dirt from the pores and thicken the sebum. Lemon can be used on the skin everyday unless it is making the skin too dry. In such case prefer using lime once in three days. Take a lemon slice and rub it on acne and wash it after few hours. Mixing equal parts of lime juice and rose water and applying to wash the affected areas will also work wonders in treating acne.

Baking soda:

One can use baking soda as a facial mask or scrubbing agent. To make facial mask, take equal parts of water and baking soda and mix well till it turns into thick paste. Massage this paste slowly for two minutes in circular motions and leave the mask as such for nearly 15 to 20 minutes and rinse of neatly using lukewarm water then pat dry and apply moisturizer.

To use it as a scrub, blend ½ cup-baking soda with 1/8th cup-water. Use this paste to massage on the face for 5 to 6 minutes. Once this is done clean the face using lukewarm water, tap dry and apply moisturize based on skin type.

Fuller’s earth:

Also known as Multan mitti, it is effective for acne-prone and greasy skin as it has the tendency to absorb excessive oils and unclog the pores. Fuller’s earth assists in improving the complexion also. This is widely available in all the Indian stores. Mix equivalent parts of rose water, sandalwood powder and Fuller’s earth to make paste and apply this pack on face. Cleanse it off after the pack dries.  Do this process at least once in a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Use cold water to clean the face and dry it using soft towel. Make a cleansing serum by mixing 1 part of vinegar with three parts of water. Take a cotton ball and dab it in the serum and apply it on the face to reduce acne. Allow it stay on for minimum 10 minutes or all through the night. This can be repeated many times throughout the day and wash face with every repetition. Use moisturizer following the wash.

There are also many other natural ingredients that can be used as face packs to treat acne.

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