Tread safely on social media

Social media is one of the wonders that the present generation has to offer us. This form of communication has brought people and places closer and has helped cultures merge in more ways than one. But just like everything else this technical miracle too comes with its own flaws. And there are many more than what we can even think about. The Internet is full of faulty profiles and people and organizations with sick interests. That means it is an area where one needs to tread cautiously and there is no space for compliance here.

And since it is the young generation which is swayed by social media, it calls for special efforts by parents to keep their children safe. Here are some of the tips which should be followed to avoid any kind of mishap.

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Be sure whom you befriend

It is impossible to find out whether the details that are submitted on social networking sites are true or not. There have been many instances when people have been fooled by frauds. So, it is always advisable to be very sure whom you are befriending. Staying away from questionable people could save a lot of mishaps in the future.

Once posted it is forever on Net

Whatever matter, whether it is pictures or messages that are posted on Net, they are bound to stay there forever. No matter how much you delete any information from social websites’, it stays in their history forever from where it is impossible to remove. This means that you should be very cautious about what you are uploading on these websites since there are chances that they can be misused against you later on.

Always keep passwords long

Keeping passwords long and complicated have their advantages. It makes it tough for the other parties to crack them and access your personal details. But, be sure that you do not forget the password yourself.

Use privacy settings

All the good social networking sites have privacy and security settings. They are present so that you can decide who can see your posts and who can not. Use them and use them judiciously.

Be sure about the language used and be honest

Bad language and harsh approach once used would be present in your profile forever. This could hamper your later chances during a job profile check.  Also be honest and whenever you feel uncomfortable about anything. Tell your inconvenience in a polite manner.

Be ready to take action, when needed

Knowing about your rights is as important as knowing your duties. So, in case you come across some form of abuse or crime on a social networking site, use action. Be aware of what should be done and how.

Follow these simple rules, go and enjoy the fast world of social networking that lies in front of you.

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