Traveling to these dangerous countries can cost your life

The world is a beautiful place to travel but there are few countries that are unsafe to visit. If you are regular traveler then here is the list of unsafe countries to travel.

KENYA: It is a very dangerous nation for tourism and since 2014 things have even gotten worse. The terrorist and violent activities have been on rising since the said year. The country is unsafe for native women too and imagine what would be the plight and pity of alien women. Sexual assaults, tourist kidnapping, and armed robbery are very common here. Carjackings too are high.
Traveling to these dangerous countries can cost your life
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COLOMBIA: Dangerous and obnoxious. The sex crime is the most rampant thing and women rights supporters have been raped and left without proper medical facilities. This nation is particularly unsafe nation for women. Terrorism, drug trafficking, and narcotrafficking are high. Even the public transports are unsafe especially the buses due to attacks and accidents.

Turkey: Though a beautiful land it is the worst nation to visit. Especially for women as Islam prevails more. Raping, killing and abducting women are common phenomenon. Though drug trafficking is present it is not as high as women crimes. However, it is advised only to visit Istanbul for safe return.

Iraq: Bombings, terror crimes, gunfire and other violent things are common in Iraq. It is the key reason why it is on the list of “Do Not Travel” lists worldwide. The nation is hit due to war and terror outbreaks even now are unpredictable. Though the war ended in December 2011 the aftermath effects are still present.

Brazil: Though the nation is huge territorially it is one of the unsafe travel destinations. It hits the first place as far as gang crimes and crime rate is considered. Rape, theft, and murder rates are enormously huge and the nation is also known for highest record of snake bite deaths.

Egypt: Though one amongst the oldest civilizations it is considered as dangerous country to travel. The Islamic rules make it uncomfortable for tourists and more importantly for women. Strict rules could hamper your free travel.

Somalia: This African nation is the deadliest for tourism. There is always one or the other unrest in the nation. Civil conflicts are rampant and many nations don’t have embassies and so even if you make way to the country your safety is not guaranteed. Extreme poverty, shaky government and high crime rates and HIV rate make it unsafe to travel.

North Korea: In simple terms, you should leave your human rights concept outside and enter the nation. There are lot many rules and regulations on travelers. As a tourist, you are constantly on vigilance and observed and there are hell lot of restrictions on taking photography. Never ever dare to comment on the conditions of the nation. One single mistake you are in multiple troubles.

India, Russia, and china too have their own reasons to be on the list of most dangerous nations to visit. So next time when you are planning a tour have an eye on these countries and you can visit them on your own risks.

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