Travel Planner- 9 things every girl must know about travelling smart!

Whether you’re venturing out all by yourself or going with your gang of girls, we bring you a travel checklist that’ll stand you in good stead, for that perfect no-nuisance break from monotony. Here’s all you need to know about travelling smart!

Chalk out your travel goals

All of us need a break every once in a while. But if you’re not a motivated globetrotter yourself, you run the risk of remaining in the shell for ever so long. So chalk out your travel goals in a diary. Be liberal with your travel options, they needn’t be too specific. After all, they’re just holiday goals, not your career plan! In fact, being more general like “visiting a new place every year” or “doing at least one new thing every year” allows you to choose your travel sites according to your situation and finances etc.

Take shorter breaks rather than one endlessly long vacation

Plan travel in a manner that you take time off your hectic schedule in short breaks rather than going on a never-ending voyage. Remembering exploring new destinations can be as exciting as tiring, and you don’t want to return from a break exhausted, rather than rejuvenated.

Travel on a budget but go premium on location

Check out travel deals and travel packages for the destination you plan to visit. Choose the best offer. When planning your travel expenses, allot less to travel but more than enough to location. It really doesn’t hurt if you weren’t served cold coffee on the flight, but if you don’t get a nice comfy bed to crash into after a tiring day out, it’s incorrigible. Allocate more budget to a premium location- the ambience of your resort can have wonderful effects, and have plenty to explore food, shopping and local delights.

Pack smart

How you organize your travel luggage speaks a lot about you. You don’t have to stick to a teensy backpack- allow yourself the luxury of carrying a travel read or your indispensable travel accessories (an ipod or even your Tintin comics!), an extra set of clothes and your make-up organizer- after all, you’re out to unwind. Take a couple of formal/cocktail wears, a couple of party clothes, some casuals etc. But make sure you don’t load yourself with everything from your wardrobe to the kitchen sink!

Do some homework about the local customs of the place you are visiting

If you’re visiting a place you’ve never been to before, it may do you good to familiarize yourself with the local customs and religious beliefs of the place. Different places have different styles of greeting, food habits, clothing and religious outlook. Tune in to the ethos of your destination for a more satisfying trip!

Sort out your travel docs and other important information well in advance

Don’t forget the essentials- make sure you’ve packed in your credit cards, travelers’ cheques, visas, passports, tickets, hotel bookings with duplicates. Jot down all your travel information in one place, especially if you’re going to be travelling in different parts of the continent and have to catch connecting flights. Also, save some emergency contact numbers for your home as well as your travel destination such as your hotel reception number, your cab driver’s no. or any acquaintances/ travel agents’ etc.- you never know when you might require help in a foreign land.

Spare the travel agents. Ask the locals!

Finally, if you really want to have a trip to remember, duck the monotony and craziness of elaborate travel agent itineraries. Ask the locals, which is the best place around, what to visit, the specialities of the place, the delights- and then explore fearlessly and unabashedly! Your vacation will be a lot more memorable!

Don’t clutter your travel itinerary with everything at once

A place can have a thousand different things to look out for. However, if you want to do it all from food to shopping to trekking to exploring beaches, temples, monuments and so on- you’ll end up badly exhausted rather than fresh and rejuvenated. Punctuate your itinerary appropriately, and leave some things for your next visit!

Travel safety tips

As a female, you don’t want uninvited, unnecessary attention. Stay alert at all times. Local customs are different in different places. Where you stay, a “hi” may be no more than a friendly greeting. In a foreign location, a “hi” from a stranger or even a harmless handshake could lead to invitations that might turn uncomfortable. Especially if you’re travelling alone, it is perfectly okay to politely refuse an invitation to someone’s home or a dinner date.

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