Toxic materials that affect children health

The exposure of children to toxins is increasing with each passing day. According to pediatricians the birth of any child is almost all healthy and with growing age children are falling sick due to increased exposure to toxins and chemicals. The reasons here are many and their saying doesn’t suffix to one word or one page. Instead of bothering on the reasons let us know the list of toxic chemicals children are being exposed too often….

The following is the list of toxins that the children are being exposed frequently:

Mercury Fillings: Many of the drugs and vaccines are being made of mercury these days, which automatically increases the exposure of children to mercury. When the child’s body is being filled with increasing amounts of mercury with each passing day it can lead to long run neurological damages.

Toxins Filled Vaccines: Vaccination is one best way to keep the child away from diseases and this is what many of the parents think but actually by vaccinating, you are doing more harm to your child than by not vaccinating. Many of the vaccines are not only filled with mercury but also have many toxins that can cause damage similar to mercury. Here are some of the commonly found toxins.

  • Ammonium Sulfate
  • Mercury
  • Aluminum
  • Monosodium Glutamate
  • GMO yeast
  •  Antibiotics
  • Human cells
  • Horse and pig blood Cells
  • Cells form monkey kidney
  • serum protein from Calf
  • cells from Chicken embryo
  • Protein extracts from Egg
  • extracts from Soy Protein

Prescription Drugs: Many of the prescribed drugs and medicines are inherently dangerous and toxic. Especially ADHD drugs and injections are toxic and dangerous. ADHD drugs belong to amphetamines drug classes which are identical to street drugs such as speed and meth. Unfortunately every parent would not like his child being administered meth but there is no escape when doctor prescribes.  The number of children prescribed with antidepressant drugs is also on rise.

MSG in personal care material and foods: MSG is present in each and every material be it food products or cosmetics. MSG is highly toxic and will cause many health related issues.

Fast foods and processed foods:

The thought of chemicals and toxins present in preserved foods is high, we all know this but still we expose the children to synthetic chemicals, artificial colors, preservatives, nitrates and flavors by feeding them with processed and packed foods.

Laundry products:

All the laundry products have pleasant fragrance but the chemicals that are responsible for fragrance in them are also toxins that can lead to cancer in children.

Household cleansing products:

We can find a caption on all most all the home-cleaning products that state: fatal and harmful when swallowed. But still we use them with a feeling that we are protecting the children’s environment. Unfortunately it is not so the chemicals present in them will also cause a problem in children.

Even the baby shampoos are also highly toxic, when each and everything is toxic it is better to go green and use natural products.

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