Top Ways to stay Active through the Day without Huge Efforts

To some people, the time between getting up and going back to bed can seem like a Herculean task. They feel absolutely drained and roam around like zombies. Here are a few secrets for an active life.

  1. If you think skipping exercise will save your energy, you will only feel more sluggish. A recent study has proved that regular exercise makes your heart happy and keeps you energetic all through the day.
  2. Water, the elixir of life has a huge impact on your energy levels. When the fluid balance is lost, your heart has to pump harder to make the thickened blood flow. This will reduce your nutrient supply to the muscles making you feel very weak. So if you want to be active, make sure you drink enough water.
  3. Another major cause of energy drain is low levels of iron in the body. This will result in low supply of oxygen to the cells and in turn will make you feel fatigued and irritated. Iron rich foods like tofu, eggs, greens, vegetables and nuts in combination with vitamin C rich foods that supplement absorption are highly recommended.
  4. If you are a perfectionist, then wave goodbye to an active routine. Nobody can be perfect. Stop fretting over every little detail and relax. Appreciate and reward yourself occasionally so that you feel good about yourself. This will boost your efficiency and you can produce better results than earlier.
  5. Don’t be a catastrophic, i.e., imagining worst case scenarios every time. This will drain your mental energy down to the lowest bar. . Take some time out for yourself. Meditate, talk to a good friend or do something that will calm you down.
  6. A healthy breakfast goes a long way in keeping you perked up throughout the day. It provides your body with the needed nutrients. Skipping breakfast is the biggest punishment you can give your body. Gorging on junk foods may give you a sharp energy boost but will soon make you feel more tired than before. So, think twice before you grab that doughnut. Also, cut down your caffeine intake by afternoon.
  7. Learn to say NO. If you try pleasing everyone by going out of your way, you will end up with resentment and anger. Also, do not carry your work trouble out of the office. Rejuvenate yourself so that you are ready to face all the battles ahead.
  8. Before you get ready for bed, make it a point to avoid alcohol and your smart phone or tablet. This light can interfere with your sleep patterns. Alcohol may produce a sedating effect but will affect your sleep pattern too.

Try these simple steps and watch yourself effortlessly zoom through your day!!

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