Top ten gadgets you can’t live without

We are living in the 21st century, which undoubtedly is witnessing the best era for technology advancements. The tech giants on this sphere are working very efficiently to serve us the best machines till date. In the past few decades, innovators have introduced some of the best machines and technologies, which have become a blessing to mankind. These technologies not only serve as a component of advancement in our lifestyle but also are much responsible for getting our mother planet earth, the most developed and advanced planet to live in this world.

There are so many gadgets around the market, which have great abilities to make your living an easy task to perform. These not only serve best solutions for our daily requirements, but have become an important part in our life. We can’t remember a day without many of our gadgets. They have managed to gain a good place in our life.

Here, we bring you Top 10 Gadgets you can’t live without:

# 1

Smart phones

It was a history when mobile phones were used only for making calls or texting. Mobile phones or call them Smart phones are now used for doing much more. They are undoubtedly crowned as the best gadget to enable us stay connected with the rest of the world on the go.

When you are out to buy a Smartphone, you will find tons of options around the marketplace. You can find smart phones running on different platforms like Google’s Android OS, Apple’s iOS, Windows Phone OS and many more hitting the market soon. Google’s Android OS is currently directing the market share but this doesn’t imply that the others are inferior or carry less features.

# 2


Laptops or portable computers are one of the best examples of innovation. A laptop carries all the essential elements of a computer system. Earlier, laptops were designed only in the form of clamshell devices but nowadays, the tech giants have redefined the laptop usage experience by introducing touch screen and detachable laptops.

The mobility and all rounder performing capabilities entitle laptops, the second most loved gadget.

# 3


The third most loved gadget is a camera. Maybe your Smartphone or tablet houses an inbuilt camera, but the habit of carrying a camera as an individual gadget on the go is still in practice. There are so many types of cameras around. You can either buy a point to shoot camera for casual clicks or a high end SLR for professional shoots. All you need is this brilliant gadget to capture your memorable moments.

# 4


Tablets can be visited as a phase between Smart phones and laptops. They sport big touch screens and serve all the capabilities that entertain and let you work on the go. Tablets are light weight yet bigger to carry in your pocket. You can attach a mini keyboard to them, which gives them a new name, mini laptops. Apple’s iPad range is the most desirable tablet range worldwide. However, Android & Windows tablets offer them a tough competition.

# 5

Gaming Console

No matter you are a CEO of a billionaire company or a teenager, when it comes to games everyone falls for it. Gaming is the most favourite pastime for people of all ages. Your Smart phones may carry few HD games. But a true hardcore gamer will understand what a gaming console is. Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox are the two most successful participants in the gaming console segment.

# 6

Music Player

Music is proven to be an important stress buster. Music not only entertains you but serves you a refreshing feeling at home and on the go. Music Players have been a hot favourite gadget for music lovers round the globe. This makes music players the 6th most love gadget on our list. It may be your high end Sony home theatre system or your small yet sexy Apple iPad Shuffle, music players will never go out of fashion.

# 7


You don’t want your neighbour to drop a complaint regarding high volume generating from your music system, and you also want to enjoy your favourite track with the extra bass on the go. Headphones are there to cater all your needs. You can connect them to various devices like Smart phones, tablets, laptops, LEDs, car audio system, iPods, home theatres and more. There are many headphones in the market. The buyer can buy one as per his/her need and budget.

# 8

Power Banks

Power banks come in the 8th position of our list. The power banks are a blessing for the Smartphone users who are on the go most of the time. A power bank charges your smart phone or tablet’s battery on the go. Power banks are being sold at affordable costs, which make it easier for the masses to stay connected on the go. Many power banks are also capable to refuel your Smartphone’s battery three times back-to-back on a single charge.

# 9

Smart Watch

If you are thinking that we are talking about any simple watch, then you are wrong. Smart watches are the latest addition to your Smartphone’s accessory list. The smart watches can be connected with your Smartphone using Bluetooth technology and can display various details on them. A user can view mails, text messages, notifications, social media updates and more on his smart watch directly without taking his Smartphone out of the pocket. And yes, these show time too.

# 10

Wi-Fi Routers

Last but not the least position goes to Wi-Fi routers. This device can convert your LAN or broadband net connection into Wi-Fi signals, which can be accessed on various devices like your Smartphone, tablet, laptops and Smart televisions too. Nowadays, there are many routers in the market which can also change your USB dongle net connection into Wi-Fi signals. Many can also be used as power banks too.

This is our list of Top 10 Gadgets you can’t live without. Share your thoughts and let us know if you encounter any other gadget that you think you can’t live without.

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