Top 10 Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

Business depends on marketing and more importantly THE WAY YOU MARKET. And with changing times the design, pattern, and way of marketing too has changed. A new way, called SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING has routed out the age-old marketing forms. One can literally imagine the weight of social media websites and their impact on business generation with Facebook having 18% market share in business turn around as of January 2017.

However, it is not always that social media works out, especially for small business when resources are limited and this is where these owners should know the logics and basics of social media tips to implement for their business growth. Here we go with TOP 10 SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES.

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Choose the correct platform:

All social media websites don’t meet every requirement of every business, as target audience change, so do the leads from social websites, this is where the business houses should be careful. Keep in mind the age and gender of your customers and invest in social media marketing. For instance, if teens are your target then Facebook or SnapChat is better, in case you are targeting more of women then Pinterest would do better. So, keep this logic always in mind: target website for target audience will give more boost to the business.

Example: Zappos was highly successful in boosting their sales through Facebook with a catchy phrase, “Let’s be in a Like-Like relationship”.

Who is your audience:

The next thing you should focus is your real customers. The better defined and precise you are, the better the social media marketing work outs. It is also more important to keep in mind the customers’ location apart from age and gender.

Example: Martell Home Builders made a great change through their content marketing and blogging, it could target their audience through the content by giving useful information to prospective customers where in no time they were the real customers.


Social media marketing is nothing if you can’t post informative content every now and then. In fact, a blog is the direct content marketing technique to say what you are and what products or services you have to give. It is like contacting your customers sitting somewhere else in the world.  While you blog focus to post more informative content instead of trying to lure the visitor to buy the product.

Example: Ford should be applauded not only for their automobile expertise but also for their blog: The Ford Story, which is uniquely phrased and designed. Viewers can get to know all about the trending automobile topics.

Pictures and statistics:

Blogging has gone a long way and these days it isn’t only just content but also figures and latest statistics. Having these in the blog will enthuse the reader and also give a quick idea about what your services are. So, a perfect blog is: INFORMATIVE CONTENT, PERFECT PICTURES, AND CORRECT STATISTICS.

Example: According to a report given by a content marketer, firms are relying more on video content which says the increasing value of pictures, statistics, and video descriptions.

Be professional:

One way to say to the customer that you are more professional and more business-oriented is to have a Linkedin page. Having a page dedicated on this professional website directly influences your customers and business associates. So, make the maximum use of it and add a professional touch.

Example: As per a recent study, Linkedin is the third most used site and this says why every business should have a Linkedin page and this is more real if one is into B2B business.

Be active on social media:

Well, you have spent enough on social media presence but all will be in vain if you are not active on these websites. Try to engage with your followers, have something for them on these websites, this will, in the long run, create a brand value and trust for you and your organization.

Example: Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert is the best example for seeing greater success by being constantly in touch with users in the way of posting links to all the comments made.

Make it mobile friendly:

Your website should be very much mobile friendly and responsive. All the leads that generate from social media websites will get nullified if your website loading time is ages. So take every technical specialization into aspect before you try to build a website to your business.

Example: I think everyone knows about Google Maps and so this is the best website to say why every business should have mobile friendly websites that are accessible at any point of time.

Focus on User Interface (UI):

Even this is mandatory for good success rate through leads generated from social media platforms. The lesser the time the user spends on checkout, the better the prospects of converting a probable buyer into the real buyer are. Focus to build the website that is less in time-consuming.

Example: Giantnerd has taken social media marketing to another height with their ‘’one-click” process to attract new members in lesser time and also with their new membership scheme, which offers a discount to all the new customers with their “Nerds save 5%” promotion.

Email marketing:

Half business is done if you follow correct email marketing strategies. Focus on clean and attractive content. When you begin the campaign be sure that it is more inclined towards SEO rules and less towards spam. Also, track the clicks and leads knowing where you are heading to have good email marketing advantage.

Example: While most of the companies fail in email marketing companies like HuckBerry and Uber could really increase their business. Logic: More interactive emails than just trying to see the customers as means for revenue generation. Use humor in emails, wherever possible try to interact with the customers, this will give a more personal touch to email marketing and generate leads.

Inbound marketing:

Keep aside the thought of outbound marketing as a small business house and target more on inbound marketing, as part of social media marketing, the logic is simple: it is more economical and the success rate is not only higher but is also scalable.

Example: Way back in 2005 no one had much attention to inbound marketing but since 2012 the scenario is different, 73% of marketers now use inbound marketing as their prime marketing technique as this covers right from email marketing to SME, SEO, and content marketing.

To sum up, what matters more in social media marketing is how you notice your real time customers and how you use the social media platforms to attract them and increase sales. The getaway is to focus more on your target social media website that gets you more leads and keep your blogs and your presence in these websites active.

Note: All the examples have been taken from different sources.

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