Top 10 Desirable Places to Travel Across the World

It’s a dream scenario where you have a bottomless bank account, unlimited time to travel and a first class jet to take you wherever you want. Where would you go? If you have planned to explore the great sites and cities of Europe; no doubt you have planned a fantasy trip using the tips and travel brochures from European travel websites. Thankfully, we have affordable hostels and hotels available for stay and rail fares are cheap that can make our dream tour change into reality. You just have to decide where to go.

First consider your European vacation list which all cities come foremost to your mind.  Looking for good restaurants, shopping malls and landmarks? Have a look at this itinerary for your dream tour to come to reality.

Amsterdam, Holland: Holland is full of vibrantly colored tulips with rosy cheeked children in wooden shoes. You will not find latter on the streets of Amsterdam. Historic architecture and boat sailing through canals are the two main attractions of this place.

Paris, the most romantic city: Paris is considered to be the most romantic city where we can enjoy a lot of beaches along with lots of shopping. It is the best place for shopaholic people.

Milan, the place to enjoy the Haute Couture: Haute couture is the main attraction of Milan. You can find some of the best and the finest shopping malls available in Milan. One can enjoy varieties of cuisines with a thrilling experience.

Switzerland, the land of chocolates: if one is fond of chocolates then Switzerland is the best place for a trip. Ticino is the place where we can find a huge variety of chocolates such as bitter chocolate, hot chocolate etc.

Sicily, feel of spring: Sicily is admired for its natural surroundings and the great beauty. People who want to admire the nature in real visit this place.

Florence, full of unique art and culture: this is the most historic place in Europe where we can find the unique quality of art and culture. To enjoy more of it visit Palazzo Strozzi.

Munich, enjoy the Party Time: Munich is a destination where we can enjoy the varieties of cocktails like beer, wine and also fine dishes. So in all it is the party time to enjoy. Most of the local people love it very much and therefore they organize such parties very often.

Venice, the place for Wine and Dine: Venice is full of exotic islands where we can find varieties of wine and drinks. Even the foods of Venice are very popular as they are spicy and delicious.

Bremen, German: This great city is rich in history and a great place for shopping too. You can see the huge St. Peters cathedral then wander down the medieval roads of the Schnoor or sample the delights of the market.

London: It is a historical place. Here the tourists will find a large number of attractions and will be crazy about them to visit. Medieval architecture in Buckingham is one of the major attractions in London.

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