Tips to use mirrors creatively for home decoration

Mirrors are one kind of household items that can easily give glow and add attraction to homes. Placing them gives brightness and also gives spacious looks to rooms. One more advantage of using them as decorative items in a home is, they can be placed anywhere in the home without much difficulty. Here are few tips on how to make simple mirror designs creatively.

Importance of place:

The importance and efficacy of mirrors changes along with the place you use them. Mostly, we use mirrors in bathrooms and also to dress up. Not only this, they should also be placed in bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms. Correct spacing and placing of mirrors will magnify the appearance of the room and also give entirely new look to rooms.

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Be creative in using mirrors:

To make the rooms look beautiful, you need not spend on costly decorative pieces or use costly mirror hangings. All you need is a little bit of creative mind and the time to turn those creative thoughts into reality. Fixing a mirror in a well crafted and designed frame is equally good looking as any costly decorative piece. Choose correct frame sizes and also take every care that the material and color of the frame is good and sinks with other things in the room.

Hanging the mirror:

When you hang the mirror at a little height it gives richness to the room. But you should know clearly the height at which you should hang the mirror. You should check the ceiling height and then fix the mirror at such a height that it is clearly visible. The height at which you fix the mirror should not reflect the ceiling and the opposite wall. The hanging mirrors are mostly used for looks so the frame quality, design and also the texture of it should be given more priority.

Fixing many mirrors on same wall:

Fixing many mirrors on a wall that is of good length will easily give a different look. But you should follow certain patterns when you have decided to fill the wall with mirrors. First divide the wall into two sections and fill one section with long rectangular mirrors and the other section with different shape. Doing so will easily give a rich look which you would have even never thought of.

Tabletop mirrors:

When you have decided to place a mirror on counter top or table then remove all the unessential things from the table or else the table will look shabby and disorderly as the mirror will reflect the images.

The color of the walls:

You should have creative mirror ideas while fixing mirrors. Just to have an idea of what size and shape of the mirror should be alone is insufficient. You should even know which color goes well and which doesn’t. When you place a big sized mirror on any wall the colors of the opposite wall reflect in it. So prefer light colors in place of dark colors as dark colors look even darker in mirror. Light colors such as white, sky blue and gray marble go well.

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