Tips to save children from technology negative effects

There is a lot much discussion going on “electronic media effect on Children.” And the biggest question pediatricians are posing is: how much gadget usage is too much. In fact, this generation children are called as ‘GENERATION M’ and this is apt totally due to their huge dependence and exposure to media and technology.

Facts are really alarming and saying about the grave situation. The latest studies have found alarming facts such as:

  • 60% of parents reported that their children started using gadgets below 12 years.
  • 70% of parents handed over gadgets such as laptops and mobiles to their children to keep them away from disturbing their daily chores.
  • Few children who are not able to talk also play video games.
  • And last but not the least children watching TV at present is 79% while the same was less than 50% in 2010.

All these should alarm us. And the sooner the steps are taken the sooner the Generation M kids will be away from bad effects of internet and technology health effects. Keeping the above facts in mind Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has come out with these handy tips for parents to distract children from depending on electronic entertainment and internet usage.

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Check rating:

For boxed (packaged) games, always go through the back and front of the box and look up to the game’s rating by searching on or the rating search app. Many mobile and online storefronts such as Google Play, even show ESRB ratings.

Apply parental controls:

Game consoles, handheld gaming gadgets, mobile, PCs, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and tablets are the ones which the children mostly use for entertainment purpose, keep an eye on them and let them always operate these on your command and control. Disable or secure them through passwords, not only the devices but also the websites and apps that you feel may spoil the children.

Familiarize with interactive features:

Entire mobile storefronts give upfront notice regarding certain interactive features, like in-app purchases. Check the interactive featuring listed in addition to the content description and age rating written on the gadgets before buying.

Read reviews:

Always check for additional info regarding a specific game, which in most cases will have videos, screenshots, and user comments, before purchasing or downloading.

Earmark ground rules:

Always clearly give directions and regulations for kids regarding what kinds of games are OK and what are not OK, and also specify time limitations, and how much time they are permitted to spend on games. It is even a good move to talk if they are permitted to play multiplayer online games and if permitted with whom.

Check for warning signals:

Always keep an eye to know if your kid is the objective of cyberbullying, like changes in using a computer, enhanced anxiety, depression, unwillingness to go to school and not interested in socializing.

Teach the child computer etiquettes:

This is most important as this can decide the future of children. They should know what to browse and with whom to begin chat. And also their social media accounts activity should be monitored as it affects the kids’ future employment. Many firms probe the social media accounts of aspirants before employing them.

Play with them:

There isn’t any written rule that you shouldn’t indulge in children games. Take time out to associate with them while they use gadgets, this will develop bonds. This is the best way to spend quality time with children and also guide them on using technology.

Follow these tips and avoid negative effects of technology on children.

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