Tips to remove makeup effectively

It is usually advisable to clean your face every night before you go to bed. Even if you’re not wearing makeup, your skin undergoes the wrath of the sun, pollution, dirt and grime. This clogs the pores, leaving it little space to breathe. Cleaning your face before going to bed ensures that your pores are open and the skin can breathe and absorb nutrients from your moisturizer for a gorgeous glowing skin the next day! However, it becomes all the more important to remove makeup at night; if you’ve had lots on; otherwise they could clog your pores real bad, resulting in breakouts and pimples. Here are a few tips to help remove makeup naturally.

Remove makeup completely in a few easy steps

Remove eye makeup gently

Don’t start by washing your face- it dries the skin and doesn’t get all your makeup off. Instead use a gentle eye makeup remover to wipe off your mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner and kajal. If you’d rather stick to natural ingredients, you could remove eye makeup with olive oil. If you don’t have olive oil readily, another alternative is to remove eye make up with baby oil. Another classic solution is to remove eye makeup with Vaseline- however, Vaseline is really thick and can clog your pores. So make sure you wash it off properly and completely with soap and water.

Steam your face

Next, cover your head in a towel and lower your face over a sink of steaming hot water. This opens up your pores easily and dislodges most of the makeup so it’s really easy to take off.

Remove lip color

Dab some Vaseline onto your lips and wipe off with a tissue. Eye makeup remover works great to remove long lasting lip color too!

Wash off with a gentle face wash

Now that most of the makeup has been dislodged, a gentle face wash should be enough to get it off. You really don’t need a toner at all. And if you’re fond of face scrubs, a word of caution- use face scrubs daily can actually dry out your skin. Most face scrubs recommend a “twice a week” regime.

If your face is super dry and face wash seems to dry it out further, use a cleansing oil instead. Pour out a few drops onto a damp cotton swab and apply it over your eyelids, lips, face and brows. This loosens the dirt and makeup. Then wash off with a foaming or gel cleanser.

Also, while it is common to remove makeup with coconut oil, it is advisable not to use any kind of oil if your face is sensitive or you have acne- it could lead to a bad breakout. A Salicylic cleanser suits the face best if you have acne.

Clear remains of eye makeup

After you’ve cleaned your face you may find some left over eye makeup straying into the face. Remove all makeup using a dampened cotton swab.

Splash some cool water on your face

Rejuvenate your face by splashing some cool water; and pat dry with a towel.

Apply some moisturizer

Apply a light moisturizer and leave it overnight for your skin to absorb all the goodness. Always use a noncomedogenic moisturizer; they don’t shut out your pores.

If you’ve cleaned your face at night, you don’t really need to wash again in the morning- in fact too much cleansing or scrubbing can dry your skin. If, however, your face feels oily, then you could wash off the oils with a bit of warm water or a warm washcloth.

If you want to remove face makeup naturally, you may try milk, coconut oil, olive oil, honey and baking soda, and baby lotion are good options.

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