Tips to make small bathrooms spacious

The one place next to kitchen that is always busy in any home is bathroom so every care should be taken to make it comfortable. Comfort comes when you have more space to build the bathroom, but in these days not all are blessed to have such space thereby having small bathrooms has become common. In such situations every care should be taken to have more facilities in less space. To do so, one should have an idea on small bathrooms makeover. Here let us see how to make much with small given place.

  1. The one problem that arises with less space is-we will have no enough room to fix cabinets on wall thereby making storage a problem. In such conditions use the space present below the sink to make shelves. Doing so will give ample space to store soaps, brushes and pastes.
  2. Also make sure that the drawers in the cabinet are not too small or too big. Make them comfortable to store all the bathroom material. Doing so will save your time in searching for them.
  3. When there is no ample space to make dividers use small boxes or trays to store bathroom material.
  4. Hangers can be arranged beyond the bathroom doors to place towels and other dress material.
  5. Also see to that the hangers are fixed one below the other, this provides more space to hang more clothes.
  6. Sometimes we may face difficulty with space where there is no room left to make cabinets nor shelves, in such condition stitch a cloth bag and hang it behind the door. This will enable you to store towels and other important toilet material.
  7. When all the towels are in same color chances are that they may be misused in confusion. To ward off this situation stitch different colored hanging loops to them.
  8. Fix a mirror behind the bathroom door if it permits, this will help you in shaving and other grooming activities.

Also one easy way to make small bathrooms more comfortable is to implement correct bathroom cabinet ideas. The following are some of them.

  1. Make a small cabinet above the mirror to place shaving and grooming related items.
  2. Use ready made cabinets to fix in bathrooms, they are not only hassle free but are also easy to detach and clean.
  3. Place the toothbrush stand in the cabinet itself to store paste and brush, this will give more space and also keep the brushes dry.
  4. Place magnetic hooks in cabinets to hang tweezers and scissors.
  5. Having a sliding tray in cabinet will also save most of the time.
  6. Hooks can be installed on cabinet doors to hang hair dryers and hair bands.

So follow all these tips to make the most out of your small place available and make your bathroom comfortable.

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