Tips to lose weight fast at home for lazy freaks

There are many ways to reduce fat and get slim. Such as crash diets, exercising and supplementary pills and so on. But all these need some time and even more care to follow to see better results. Unfortunately, people are so lazy and sluggish that they don’t follow any of the ways properly and the end result is neither your cholesterol comes down nor you look slim. If it is so, then how do you get down on weight….here are few easy tips to lose weight fast. Read on….all the lazy people out here and get slim without much difficulty.

Give little strain to the body:

As it is you are lazy and this is the reason the tips are for lazy people. By saying, ‘’give little strain,’’ we don’t want you to exercise, all we want to convey is that irk the body a little, risk it by doing some small but effective physical works such as using stairs in place of lift, taking your pets to walk, giving weekend visit to the nearest park and so on…actually these little things can give big difference to your weight.

Lead a healthy lifestyle:

One of the best and laziest tips to lose weight fast naturally is to stick to a proper lifestyle. Following a good lifestyle will not only slim you but will also make you fitter day by day. According to studies, even stress leads to obesity and other health problems. So, by all means try to bring down the stress levels. Follow all the means to bring down stress and this will eventually lead to weight reduction.

Stay away from fat foods:

When the world is full of healthy food why the hell one needs to eat fatty foods. ‘’Go green…go fresh….go veggie…, ’’this should be your concept of eating. The more and more you are away from fat foods such as non-veggies, oil stuff, and sugar items the more and more your weight will decrease. Check the labels before you buy anything and if the ingredients list has something like sugar, artificial sweeteners or saturated fat, just don’t touch them.


This is a kind of polyunsaturated fatty acid and is highly present in sea foods, mostly in fishes. DHA assists in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and even increases good cholesterol (HDL). In case sea foods are not your choice then prefer to take fish oil supplements available in the market.

C-Lium( Psyllium):

One best way to reduce cholesterol is to include more fiber in the food. Eat more fiber content foods such as green leafy vegetables and cabbage. Also, take every care that the fiber food you take has a high amount of C-Lium fiber, as this is highly effective in reducing fat. C-Lium is also available in the market in the form of powder; it works the same way in reducing fat. But before buying it, take the advice of the doctor as it can be sensitive to some people.

So follow these easy methods and stay away from fat easily.

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