Tips to install home theaters

Home theaters have become essential part of living for many. But to have good home theater effect some precautions should be taken without which the whole joy of having them will go in vain. Here are some home theater ideas for you to enjoy the technology and effect of it to the best.


To arrange home theaters in better way we need a room at least with 20 feet in length and 13 feet in breadth. And one more thing to keep in mind while allotting a room for home theater is that it should not disturb other rooms. Every care should be taken so that the sound doesn’t affect other rooms in the house.

Insulation is a must:

The other important thing to be kept in mind while making a home theater is insulation. When correct insulation methods are deployed the noise doesn’t affect other rooms. Ceiling, exterior walls and interior walls should be insulated. If the insulation is not done properly the house will get affected due to high sounds.

Sound systems:

Many home theaters are designed for 7.1 surround sound systems, which come with one sub woofer and 7 channel speakers. Every care should be taken to see to that all these speakers are placed at appropriate locations or else the whole sound system will go messy thereby making the watching experience an irksome experience.

Video projector:

Screen should be as big as possible and if you wish to have a theater experience opt for pre-wire projector system that will have two cables, one amongst the two i.e. HDMI cable will let the high definition video reach the projector while CAT 5 control wire will assist in accessing projector using a radio frequency remote.


One more tip that should be kept in mind for maximum theater effect is with lighting. Lack of proper lighting will nullify all the effects of home theater. Proper lights should be installed in the ceilings for correct lighting. These lights should be connected to RF dimmers. These lights can be controlled by using the same remote that you use for projector.

Sound proofs:

If you wish for additional sound proof use Quiet Rock soundproof dry wall as it is effective sound barrier, but the problem is that it is eight times higher in price when compared to normal standard drywall.

Video and audio systems:

The speakers, projector and screen should be installed only after proper painting of the wall. The normal size of the screen can be somewhere between 110 to 120 feet. The screen can also be framed for more professional look. Even the sound devices should match with other accessories of home theater.


Seating is also as important as screen and sound effects. If you wish to get the effect of theater seating then arrange the seats as you find in theaters. Placing four seats in two rows is usually suggested.

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