Tips for successful internship

Internship programs are keys to enter the world of job opportunities of your choice.  They not only give you the much-needed experience of the real world but also help you develop interpersonal skills that would help in the long term. And this year it is even more important to be a good intern since the economic sluggishness has made many employers go for interns rather than full-time employees. In the end, whether you make it to the employee list or not would depend on how well you have performed as an intern. Here are a few tips to help you out:

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Have good online image: No matter how well you perform in terms of image building at your office or with your team members, in today’s world having a good online image is as important as having a good image with your boss. In the end when entitlements and employment matters come out, your name will surely be searched for online presence and the kind of company you keep, the kind of comments you post and the kind of projects you are involved with would decide whether you are ‘risky’ or ‘safe’. Try to keep a favorable image and have a privacy setting properly placed before going in for any internship program.

Be knowledgeable: There is no substitute for knowledge. So, whether you are in manufacturing sector for cars or are looking for PR works for some luxury brand, know your industry inside out. Have regular notes prepared for latest trends, topics and developments taking place in your own industry and other complimentary ones. Know about the online presence of the competitors and their methods of doing business.

Read a lot: Reading regularly from magazine, newspapers, journals and if possible from research papers would provide you an edge in terms of information and confidence.  But then again try to be an expert in one niche so that you are looked upon as a value addition and not just some student. Team management is about being unique and still be productive for a team when needed.

Be technology advanced and use for your benefit: Be the one who is ready to use technology for achieving optimum and long-term benefits for your company by coming up with ideas that would be problem-solvers or value-adders. Be ready to be asked questions and be prepared to be torn apart when your topic is discussed. Try to prepare yourself as much as you can and be ready for any additions when given.

Be ready for challenges: No one likes to have a junior who says ‘no’. So don’t do that. Be ready for new work and new challenges. Take advice and ask for help whenever needed. But don’t build an image of an under-confident person.

Have good interpersonal skills: In the end be sure to thank everyone you have worked with. This helps you to be remembered as a team member for a long time. Then again, being humble is not a negative thing so use it for your benefit by being polite in the end and all throughout your internship program. Remember, it may be the set of people whom you could have to work in the end.

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