Tips for disease prevention in kids

Kids’ health is a key concern for every parent. But they tend to fall sick every now and then making it one of the biggest worry for parents. On an average a child gets 4-6 colds every year but these incidents increase up to 10-12 when children begin to attend daycare or school.  This along with stomach upsets and ear and eye infections are the most common of childhood diseases. Infect, cold alone has been detected as the main cause for doctor visits and missed academic days amongst children. Immature immune system along with sudden exposure to germs in schools and daycare are the main causes for this trend. While such cases cannot be fully prevented following a few simple strategies can help you to reduce the number of incidents.

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Encourage to wash hands: Washing hands is the single best and most effective prevention strategy that can be followed in germ generation grounds like schools and daycare. Encourage your child to wash their hands more often with soap. Again doing the same in a particular way is the best means of getting maximum benefit. Hands should be rubbed for at least 20 seconds before washing them with water. Hand sanitizers should be used where soap is not available. While it is most beneficial to wash hands several times during day, for all practical purposes washing them before and after washroom use and before and after food eating are still ok.

Immunize them: Immunization is the best defense and prevention strategy when it comes to dealing with many preventable illnesses like measles, chicken pox, hepatitis B and A, diphtheria and of course the seasonal flu. Parents must make sure that their wards are properly and fully vaccinated before they go to schools and daycare centers to avoid unnecessary sickness to kids.

Give nutritious and healthy food: Healthy children are those who have strong immunity and nutritious food which is rich in vitamins and minerals helps in getting that. Parents must make sure that children not only eat healthy food but also must be cautious about their unhealthy food consumption.

Teach germ etiquettes: Parents should teach their children to stay away from other sick people. It is important since many of the common childhood illnesses are contagious in nature. Try to avoid sending your child to school and daycare when they are sick. And also tell them how to follow simple rules and not spread their germs to others around them.

Avoid sharing at school: It is best for children to have their own individual stuff and avoid sharing in germ spreading grounds like the school. Also make sure that the things used by children are clean and they should keep themselves and their stuff clean on a frequent basis.

While it may sound like an uphill task, parents must use these disease prevention strategies to keep their kids safe as much as possible. With this the kids can have more happy days at their schools and daycare centers with their friends.

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