Thyme: Wonderful natural herb

Thyme is one fragrant herb which has unending uses and importance in oil and fragrant market. This is mostly grown in Himalayas and places with cold temperature. This herb will have small flowers in bunches which are in mild yellow color. These flowers are used for decoration and the leaves are also used for preparing garlands. The oil derived from this herb is highly useful for people and its say in fragrance market is very high and that is the reason why it is used in the preparation of world class perfumes. The one single reason behind this importance of this herb is the presence of highly useful essential oils in it.

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The oils derived from this herb will have mixtures of esters, carbons and other oxidation chemicals. This herb has sesquiterpenoids, sesquiterpenes, and other things. Now let us see the thyme herb benefits.

  • This oil is highly effective as antioxidant and so improves immunity power. It gives physical fitness and also keeps the mind stress free. This is the best of all the health benefits of thyme.
  • It is highly effective in limiting the effects of heart related problems.
  • It saves the body from being effected with chronic diseases.
  • The oil from it is used in many kinds of fragrant and beauty products.
  • The leaves, stems and flowers are used as decorative. Placing them in homes will fragrant the atmosphere and lift up the mood.
  • The benefits of thyme in food are many. It is also used in many food products to give taste, life and fragrance.
  • It is used in many kinds of beverages and alcoholic drinks for taste and preserving.
  • It is used in cakes and confectioneries as added supplement.
  • It is also used widely in tobacco products.
  • It is one natural anti-septic agent the nature has given us.
  • It is highly effective in treating fever and other common infections.
  • It works effectively as tonic and de-warming agent on body.
  • Different kinds of perfumes can be done using this herb based on the body types.
  • These are also good food for different types of butterfly larva.
  • It effectively fights insomnia.
  • Using it on nails can easily cure nail fungus if any present.
  • Thyme benefits hair. This is one natural herb that effectively fights hair loss
  • It is recommended in Ayurveda for treating depression, anxiety and stress.
  • Snoring and skin problems can also be treated using this highly effective herb.

So going by all this don’t you think it is essential herb? Grow it in your garden and reap the benefits of it.

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