These tools make life easier for elder people

With growing age it becomes difficult to carry on the daily chores making life miserable. Keeping this in mind many products for senior citizens have been designed. You can choose the product that comes handy for you keeping your needs in mind.

Here are few items for senior citizens that can easily change the way of daily chores…

Plastic Writing Ring:

This comes really useful to write without much difficulty. It has two rings; one ring should be used to place the finger while the second ring should be used to place a pen or pencil. One can easily write using writing ring as it gives grip to the writing device. It obstructs the shaking of fingers and also lessens the pressure on finger muscles. They are available in different diameters for you to choose based on your finger size.

Arthwriter Hand:

This is identical to a big ball and has a hole in the middle. One can conveniently place pencil, spoon, pen or toothbrush and use. Once the desired item is placed in the hole it should be fastened to get the grip by using a screw present on the side of the ball.  This is highly useful to hold the things tightly and firmly when you have shaking hands.

Transmitter-Door Sensor:

This is one of the best gadgets for seniors, fitting this on the doors will turn on the lights automatically when the doors are opened. All you need to install this on door is to install magnetic switch. You can set the desired length of time for the light to be on.

Pill Cutter:

This fits easily in pocket and also can be used as medicine organizer. It has taper hole that can be easily used to cut tablets irrespective of their size and shape. There is a blade present on the backside of the pill cutter to cut pills.

Multi-Grip Opener:

This is highly useful to open the caps of bottles. The size of the opener can be changed based on the need. All you need to do to open cap of any container is to place this grip opener on the cap of the bottle and slide to the side and the cap is open for you. This is made of eco-friendly rubber material and is also easy to clean.

Flipper Big Button Remote:

This is one of the best gadgets for old people. The buttons on this remote are big in size and so operating the TV becomes easy with this. One can on/off and also change the channels easily using this remote. One can even set nearly 30 favorite channels in this remote.

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