These most common lies are easily caught in interview

An interview is one thing that brings tough time both for the interviewers and interviewees alike. Much of mind game is done by both the sides trying to outwit the other. As part of it, many lies are also said if not always, at least, few times. Here are most common lies job seekers tell to recruiters.

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What’s the reason to leave your past company:

This question is always there and no interview is complete without his. There might be many reasons and one of the worst is getting fired. And to face this question especially when you are fired from your past company becomes even tougher. Many of the people try to hide the fact and this lands them in trouble. Trying to conceal that you were fired will only lead to anxiety and which in turn can easily spoil your chances. Getting fired is not a sin always. In the history, even the top people were fired for one reason or the other. So there is no need to feel guilt about it unless you did something wrong which forced you this situation. Just be open-minded and say the reasons why you were expelled from the company. Saying so will help the recruiters analyze the situation and who knows they can come up with some help to you.

Does this role we give interest you:

Sometimes we are given new tasks or additional tasks for what we have done in the past. Of course, any new role will definitely have few changes in work style but not total changes to basics. So now when you are asked to take up a new challenge and additional load what will you say? Whatever you say, just say it straightly and right from the heart. If it thrills say yes if not say no. It will save you and your recruiter. If you just lie saying yes instead of saying no the ultimate looser will be you as you are the one who will have to carry on the routine without life in it. Generally, many of the candidates lie out of compulsion which will only create troubles.

Are you searching alternatives simultaneously:

Many of the job seekers bet on many opportunities and it is no crime. And when you are asked on this you need not bluff. In case you have applied for other companies you can say it frankly and your frankness will be appreciated. The logic is simple: As you search for multiple companies the companies also filter out multiple candidates. So there is no use to lie in the process. In fact applying for multiple companies will leave you with a wide range of options.

Are you sure of your stated skill sets on the resume:

Many do the mistake of overdoing their skills on the resume and this can easily be traced by the companies. Let the resume have only what you know and what you have done or else you are messing the things. You are highlighting a thing that you are not aware and suddenly the recruiter asks for it what will you do? So be fair and play fair.

Along with the above, you should also be open about your past salary and the expected salary.

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