These lifestyle habits make you sleep better

Lack of sleep has become common for many, the hours spent for sleep is decreasing day by day for many. Whatever the reasons are behind the lack of peaceful sleep, it will lead to many physical and mental problems. People are becoming nocturnal and so are their activeness in the day time reducing. One should try to get out of this situation as early as possible. Apart from seeking medical assistance, simple lifestyle changes can help you reverse this situation. Here are few lifestyle changes for better sleep and be active in the next day morning.

1) End the day an hour before:

The one way to reverse the habit of late night sleeps and be active in the next day morning is to wind up the works before an hour to your normal sleep time. Say for instance if you have the  habit of sleeping around 12 AM, bring it one hour ahead, make it a habit to sleep around 11 PM, this will help you to set the body clock naturally. Keep away all the works at night that take more duration to be completed.

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2) Have high-protein:

The one way to stay active in the morning and also all through the day is to maintain proper protein content in the body. Many of us are not aware of the importance of having breakfast in the morning, having breakfast along with a cup of coffee is one way to stay active all through the day. The sugar levels will come down during the nights as the body is in hibernate mood, so one should definitely take breakfast that is rich in proteins. Take fresh veggies, salads and fruits in breakfast to stay active in the morning and also include calcium rich products such as milk and soy milk for removing off laziness.

3) Music is essential:

Music is essential but it should be low and melodious, tune in low music in your video and audio systems to get peaceful sleep. A low music that is melodious will bring in sound sleep for you. A sound sleep is the easiest way to remain active the next day.

4) Do exercises:

Exercising though is a strenuous task is indispensable for staying active in the day. According to studies people who finish exercising before the sunrise are more active in the day than those who do exercise after the sunrise. Doing exercises early in the day will increase the adrenal levels and keep you active and fresh all through the day.

5) Keep rewarding yourself:

Every time you wake up early keep appreciating yourself and also use those extra hours you gain by getting up early to read newspapers, do yoga and meditation.

These are the lifestyle changes that one should make to get early sleep and also to be active the next day.

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