These foods prevent nausea with much ease

Nausea is mostly caused due to upset stomach which is the result of indigestion of certain kind of foods that we take. You need to know the food sensitivity to keep nausea at bay. Anyway in general these are the good foods to treat nausea.


A small amount of fiber helps a lot in throwing out nausea-inducing substances out of the system but see to that you don’t take too much of fiber content at a single given time as this might make the condition even worse. Spread the fiber food intake into bits all through the day. Munch fiber high fruits such as apple, more importantly Gala apple as it is one of the best foods for nausea amongst apple varieties. Also take water rich veggies like cucumber. In case you have weak digestion that takes long hours to digest apple in solid form try apple juice or applesauce.


Diets rich in starch like bread, saltines, and toast aid in quick absorption of stomach acids and thereby allows the stomach to relieve from nausea quickly. Always keep fistful of crackers beside your bed and eat few of them before you kick off the bed. This may assist in easing nausea during the morning.


Capsules made out of pounded ginger have always been helpful in reducing vomiting and nausea. You can as well give a try to ginger tea, a ginger piece candy, a cup of ginger ale, or some gingersnap cookies. Pickled ginger that normally contains sushi will also work well.


Drink much water but in little quantities. Every now and then sip small quantities of plain water to keep the body hydrated, this will cure both nausea and nausea related headaches. Begin drinking water with small quantities as sudden intake of much water can hamper the condition.


When body lacks correct amount of protein nausea can become worse. So fill in plates with as much amount of protein food you can. Munch protein rich foods like nuts. Peanut butter can even be an easy option. Protein high food can give back the body with depleted energy and aid in keeping away nausea.

Chicken Soup:

Chicken broth can ease symptoms but see to that it is low in fat content. Bouillon cubes broth is good bet as it is low in fat, easy to make and also chances to spoil are less.

Sports Drinks:

All most all kinds of the sports drinks have potassium and electrolytes sodium which help in restoring the lost nutrients from the body. These drinks are easy and quickest way to relive nausea mostly when you are away from home as they are easily available.


In case you have nausea along with dehydration, or in case you are having it with vomiting, eat banana as it restores the lost potassium from the body. Eating banana is not only good to fight nausea but it is also good to begin your solid diet with banana once you are cured from nausea not to fall prey again to nausea I n quick succession.

Mint leaves are also good diet to prevent nausea. Add them in recipes or chew them raw.

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