These effective parenting tips make you a good parent

To be a parent is a dream for all but this dream comes with responsibilities. You need time, you need patience and also you need love to share with your kids. If you can’t do all these then you are not a correct parent. As a parent, you should know some base rules so that your child finds security and confidence in your parenthood. Here are few parenting tips that make you perfect parent.

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Keep aside your works:

When was the last time you spent with your kids? Are you so occupied that you don’t have time to watch your little ones’ wobble? Are you so busy where you cannot hear the hammering words of your children? If so then you are fulfilling only your human tasks and neglecting the duties of a responsible parent. Open up your mind and remember that all successful people had time for their families and more importantly for their children. After all the mere essence of life and your earning is your children and family.

Spending quality time with them is the best positive parenting skills you can follow. Let them know your value and let them feel secured that someone is still there for them to rely upon.

Recognize the importance of your presence with them:

A child is always a child no matter whatever his/her age is. They always seek their parent’s presence. As per physiologists, healthy development of any child is possible only with the healthy cooperation of parents. Now take decision for yourself. Do you need only success or do you need your success and your child’s success. Make them feel your presence whenever they need you. Give them assurance that you are here for them.

Spare some time:

The day has only 24 hours for all of us neither one second less nor more and how many hours have you given for your child. Hardly not even an hour. This tendency if continued for some time can easily make your child turn sick.  Earmark certain time each day for your child and spend that time only with your children. This will ease your tensions and also pave a way for a healthy growth of your children.

Never open up before them:

All of us have one problem or the other each day and showing up this before your children are only a fool’s play. Do remember even children have their own problems and if they also retard the same way. What will be the situation?

Be a good couple:

You are never a good parent without being a good couple. In fact parenting skills are nothing without you two being good couple. Happiness begins at home and so if you are happy couple alone your child will be happy. Understand this simple truth and the rest will follow without much difficulty. Set a live example with your way of conduct and see the phenomenal difference it makes on your child.

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