These causes exalt hair fall problem

Hair that is radiant, bouncy and healthy gives good looks to anyone and the same hair when it starts to fall in bunch in leaps and bounds can be a cause of worry and also deglamorize. When the hair starts falling there are many factors that are under play. Lack of care, improper lifestyle, and unhealthy diet are three vital things. Along with these three there might as well be many hair fall causes. Here we shall see most important causes of hair fall.


Lot many infections that appear on the scalp are most dangerous and can easily lead to hair fall. Infections that arise due to bacteria, virus and fungus will make the hair weak and so the hair begins to fall. The first sign of infection is itchy scalp, so when you notice this sign it is to be taken as pre-set condition for hair fall in the future. As soon as you notice itchy scalp consult a dermatologist without fail and clear off the issue at the earliest time possible to save your hair.

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Many of the times the medicines we take also lead to hair fall. Few types of medications, we take regularly can cause the fall of hair. In such cases, it is better to avoid those medicines and ask your doctor to suggest some other alternative.

As per reports, few of the medicines used to treat gout, blood pressure and heart problems are more active in causing hair fall. Even medicines used to treat depression and fertility issues are also active as far as hair fall is considered.

Hormone problems:

The most important hormonal disturbance that sets for hair fall is the thyroid problem. The release of this hormone in improper levels, i.e. either higher or lower levels will cause hair fall. This is truer for women, in particular. When this problem is attended in the starting stages itself it can easily be kept in check and also the hair fall can be reduced.

Anxiety and depression:

These two are the most common causes of hair fall in many people according to studies. When depression and anxiety are at peak levels then the hair fall will automatically reach peak levels. So take every care to keep anxiety and depression as less as possible.


There is a direct relation between the food you take and the hair fall that you have. The healthier your food is the less you will face problems with your hair. Your food should be rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E for healthier hair.


Age is also one of the causes of hair fall. As you age day by day the hair fall also increases day by day. You can stop this cause to a certain extent with good food and healthy habits and lifestyle.


This cause is only for women. Post three months of delivery hair fall is common for all the women and this reduces gradually with passing time. In case it doesn’t stop then you should consider this as a problem.

What causes hair fall? Going by all the above now you know that there are many causes for hair fall. Know your cause and act accordingly.

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