These are unhealthy and unsafe food additives

People since ages have the habit of adding some kind of additives to preserve the food material. God knows how far these additives are helpful in giving life to food materials but for sure they are bad on health. In this present article, we shall see commonly used dangerous food additives and their health effects when consumed.

Artificial sweeteners:

Many these days are back of sugar-free foods as eating sugar is bad for health. Unfortunately, many of the sugar-free foods have artificial sweeteners in them which are equally dangerous as eating sugar itself. Aspartame, a kind of artificial sweetener is used to make sugar free foods, which is highly bad for health. The worst health effect of aspartame is, it has the highest number of cancer causes in comparison to any other additive. This has been found out in many studies. The harmful chemicals present in them affects the nervous system drastically and this will in turn lead to weak memory power and loss of wisdom. The components present in them not only cause brain tumors but also lead to diabetes, lymphoma, migraine, sclerosis and other disorders. The other kind of artificial sweetener known as acesulfame-k is widely used in bubble gums and glutens and it causes kidney tumors. The food items such as sugar-free desserts, sodas, drinks and tabletop sweeteners should be avoided as they are rich in these chemicals.

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High fructose corn syrup:

This is highly filtered artificial sweetener and has high amounts of calories. Almost all the processed foods have this syrup. Eating foods made with this sweetener will lead to enhancement of bad cholesterol in the blood. The cells, as a result, get damaged and the chances of getting affected with diabetes will increase. All the kinds of processed foods such as breads, candies, salad dressers, canned vegetables and flavored yogurt are high in sucrose and so these should not find place in your menu.

Monosodium glutamate:

This is one kind of additive that is used to increase the taste. It is commonly used in chips, soups, salads, and also in many kinds of restaurant foods. It has the tendency of over stimulating the cells and so is named as excitotoxin. When this reaches the body the cells get over stimulated and finally fall ill. When this additive becomes more in the body diseases such as depression, eye problems, headaches, fatigue, and obesity can be seen.

This additive is mostly present in chips, Chinese food items, cookies, soup powders, frozen food, and seasonings.

Trans fat:

This is one of the first food additives to avoid and unfortunately it is used to give longevity to foods. Trans fat is commonly found in hydrogenated vegetable oils or margarine. One of the deadliest health effects of trans fat is it increases the bad cholesterol and decreases good cholesterol in the body. As a result, the blood vessels cannot perform their duty and this leads to heart problems. This situation can even lead to diabetes. Foods such as margarine, fast food, and baked foods are high in trans fats.

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