The ways women deal stress are more effective than men

Every one of us faces stress. This is a universal fact and there is escape from it only if you follow few steps and measures. We will see what they are and how they affect. As per reports of American psychological association, working women are more under pressure than their counterparts and they are also the ones who are implementing all the stress busters.

The same report also confined that out of total working women 3 percent of them are under pressure constantly. Whatever the statistics, here we shall see what are the tips they are following to beat stress and how women deal with stress according to the report.

Take a break:

We all know women are more sensitive and harder workers in comparison to men. This is the reason why they take every care not to get bored by the routine work they carry on. They will just take breaks if they feel they are being hit by bore feeling. These breaks can as well be for a lesser period or more periods. Once they are back from break they will work with more enthusiasm and vigor. Though this might look simple this according to experts is the most working tip to face stress.

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Talk a lot:

The great difference in the behavior of men and women as far as the reaction of stress is concerned is: men keep silent while women talk more. When observed keenly women just open up about everything regarding the stress and also other things when they are under pressure. And once this opening up is finished they are calm and are stress-free. So why not men even implement this simple stress buster.


Not only men are exercise freaks even women are so. They consider exercise as the way to maintain physical health and also mental health. Women mostly depend on yoga, meditation, walking and running. These affect their nerve system and release the stress in addition to giving them shaped body. The same exercise can as well give the same effect on men.


Their mindset is always more positive and inviting in comparison to men. They don’t have touch me not attitude and are always optimistic. They can forgive even their bitterest enemy, this is the logic behind their successful family and professional life.

Soul is their master:

Women listen to their instincts. Their heart and soul are more important for them rather than mind’s logical explanations. They will never miss a minute to do the things of their choice. To beat stress, they just trust their hobbies. These hobbies are not something out of the blue which men cannot do. They are simple like reading, music, gardening, cooking or photography.

Going by all these by now men would have definitely understood that all the things women have implemented can as well be implemented by men. So follow these and be stress less.

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