The best baby apps to take care of your children

Child care is a stupendous task and when you are a working parent then taking care of the child becomes even more difficult. Don’t worry we are going to make your task and child care easier. Here are few apps that you can use to take care of your children easily and effectively. The technology has again comforted us with its efficacy. Here are those apps that come handy for you.

Baby Connect:

Baby connect is one of the best apps for newborns. This is the simplest app that any parent can make use of. It is a well designed and comprehensive app and so is very useful for any parent. Everything related to your babies such as sleeping schedule, baby feeding, and temperature can be tracked using this app. You can get the data in the form of graphs. The other fun part is you can share it in Facebook, Twitter and also in your personal emails.

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My Baby & Me by Philips AVENT:

Are you worried and concerned on simple things for your baby such as his height, weight, the food to be given and his/her personal hygiene care then install this app and allow yourself and your baby the joy of being tension free. By installing this app, you can track and record every moment of your baby and share it with friends on social sites. Though there are many baby apps this is the best and it is also a free app.

WebMD Baby:

This is a pediatrician for your baby. When your child faces some medical complications and you have no one around you to suggest you then this is the app that can come to your rescue. It will  suggest you the precautions and also tip on medical care for your baby for almost all the issues. It also has innumerable videos and educative articles for you to know more about children. It is a free app, so all you need is to have time to download it.

White Noise Baby:

This is the perfect app for your baby’s peaceful and healthy sleep. It allows break less sleep for your baby. It obstructs the external sounds such as car sounds and music sounds and so your baby will have undisturbed sleep.

BabyCam Monitor:

Before hitting out to buy baby cam monitors install this app. Using this app you can see and notice what your baby is doing where ever you are.

Baby Shusher:

This is the best app to calm down and soothe your baby. It has many baby friendly rhythms to make your baby fall asleep and also to stay calm. It can run continuously starting from 15 minutes to 8 hours at a stretch. You can as well feed your own voice in this app.

So use all these best apps for infants and use the technology to bring up your child. After all, every technology comes with some use for all of us.

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