Ten different kinds of drones and their uses

Drones are becoming useful day by day in many fields. Though they are small their uses are big. Might be in days to come their uses will spread to many horizons. Who knows they might be used as courier boys, to guard fields, to act as savers in emergencies and so on. These drones are really useful in places and emergencies where humans and helicopters cannot reach due to varied reasons.

Parrot AR Company is specialized in making these drones. America is the top company that is making good use of these drones in many fields. When these drones have such importance it is our least duty to know at least few different kinds of drones. The following article will give you an idea of ten different types of drones that are being used rampantly.

  1. Parrot AR Drone 2.0: This is very popular drone amongst all. It has Wi-Fi along with an in-built camera. Using this drone we can take 720 pixel HD videos. This drone is capable of flying for 18 to 20 minutes.
  2. DJI Phantom GPS Drone: This drone has radio frequency control unit. This frequency control unit supports 300 meters range.
  3. Skybotix: This drone is autonomous micro helicopter. This is mainly used in research and educational purposes. It supports two Wi-Fi models. This drone has two in built cameras. These cameras with 640/480 pixel resolution can capture 15 frames per second.
  4. Extreme Flyers: This is a kind of micro drone. It has four routers. It even has automatic gear control. Its specialty lies in flying in the air with 360 degrees flips.
  5. Turbo Ace X830: This is fully assembled and programmed drone. This is very handy for photographers and videographers. It supports heavy lenses cameras. It is capable of flying in air for 23 minutes to half an hour.
  6. Walkera QR: This drone is really tiniest and is just bigger than palm size and more importantly it is smart drone and has crash avoidance system in it. When it hits anything it can sense it.
  7. Channel Predator: This is reaper style drone. This drone has bigger sized wings. This particular drone is capable of flying for twenty minutes in the air.
  8. Aibotix X6: This is exclusively designed for professional film makers and researches. Its highlight feature is that it can automatically take-off and land.
  9. Trimble Gatewing X100: This is one of the costliest drones. It is mainly used for surveys. It has in-built hi-tech mapping capacity. This drone is capable of flying for nearly forty five minutes.
  10. MicroPilot MP-vision: This drone is expert in taking automatic GPS based digital photos. It can be controlled using remote.

There are also many drones specially designed for children as play toys.

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