Teixobactin: Killer antioxidant for superbugs

These days we hear people and doctors complaining too often on the inefficacy of antibiotics in killing disease causing bacteria. Many people are also under the impression that using antibiotics is now no more useful in resisting bacteria. Stop here…there is a good news for all those pessimistic people. Scientists have developed a new kind of antibiotic called as Teixobactin.

The scientists at Northeastern University in UK have developed a new antibiotic that is more effective in killing bacteria than the present ones. Since 1980, different kinds of bacteria have developed resistance power against many kinds of antibiotics; this situation has tremendously increased by the end of last year.

The present antibiotics in the market can only find the proteins present on the harmful bacteria and kill them, but this latest antibiotic, teixobactin works completely dissimilar to the present set of antibiotics. Teixobactin instead of fighting and attacking with proteins on bacteria cell walls will directly fight with the things that lead to protein formation on the bacteria walls. Normally the bacteria cell walls are made of different types of substances, some of them are also different kinds of lipids and enzymes. These enzymes and lipids are core for bacteria to cause damages in the body. But the present antibiotics are just helpless in destroying these lipids and enzymes as they are made to kill cell walls and proteins of bacteria. But teixobactin will not only attack on these it will also attack the enzymes responsible for formation of cell walls on bacteria. This process will hamper the quality of developing resistance to antibiotics as the factors responsible for mutations (process of developing new proteins and cell walls) are hampered.

How this new antibiotic is made?

All these days the antibiotics made were developed based on the development and research made on bacteria in the laboratories. But the latest antibiotic is based on the development of uncultured bacteria in their natural environment by making use of a miniature device known as an iChip that can isolate and aid in growing single cells. Till now 25 types of antibiotics were developed using this process and one amongst them is teixobactin.

Hope this new antibiotic will bring revolution in the field of medical research and be successful in fighting super bugs. This antibiotic is yet to be tested for humans.

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