Technology brings you technology fears as bonus

Many of us have one or the other kind of phobias such as fearing for heights, the fright of spiders, fear of heights, the fright of swiftness and the list goes on. These are actually very well known phobias (fears). But there is even one more fear that many humans face which you wouldn’t have known and it is the fear of technology. Though it might sound absurd there is no other way but to accept the fact. Many people are not only addicted to technology but are also fearing for technology. Here is the list of technology phobias which many of us suffer commonly but don’t realize that we have it.

1) Selfiephobia:

This phobia is linked to the dread of taking selfies. The trend of taking selfies using front cameras which began as fun act is now no more fun and has taken the form of phobia. Thanks to all the social sites which in one way are responsible for selfiephobia. Its dominance has grown to such extent in less time that now it is a term that has found its place in dictionaries. With its growing popularity and induction of the word in the dictionaries we can imagine its wide spread tentacles. To be more precise it is the most used word in social sites. People who are under the impression that taking selfie is one way of dragging attention are called as selfiephoics. The term selfiephoics also hold good for those people who think that they are not smart enough to go for selifes.

2) Cyberphobia:

It’s hard to believe but the fact is true, many people have the fear for computers or simply said they are afraid of working on desktops. The common symptoms of this phobia are: nervousness on seeing computers and going through fear while carrying work on them. Also, many of the Cyberphobics are under the impression that computers overrun privacy and cut the freedom of thinking and expression.

3) Telephonophobia:

This phobia connotes the fear for telephones and people suffering from this phobia are afraid to talk on telephones. Symptoms consists of anxiety and fear on making or answering the calls. The symptom can sometimes even be the fear to text on phones. Psychologists have also cited many cases where people had hyperventilation and panic attacks due to ringtones.

4) Nomophobia:

This is purely opposite to Telephonophobia. In this phobia, people fear for not possessing a mobile, to be clearer not having phones in them brings panic. “No-Mo” connotes no-mobile and the people who get addicted to mobiles are termed as Nomophobics. These people who are suffering from Nomophobia experience heavy mood swings and distress when they don’t have cell phones for longer time. Even common things such as poor signal and battery drainage, and loss of phone can bring severe panic in them.

Apart from the above four common technology phobias there are also two more of them, Technophobia and Loremophobia, which are seen in many people.

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