Techie devices that amused and surprised CES 2015

The ongoing consumer electronics show (CES) in USA as usual has got many latest technology things to boost of. Here are few of the gadgets that were showcased and will soon hit the markets.

Ericsson’s latest wireless technology:

We always know how difficult it is to watch movies when the net speed is slow, keeping this problem in mind, Ericsson has developed new wireless technology. The company has designed a small cellular by making use of special kind of technology called as licensed assisted access, when you have this the speed of your mobile net goes rocket high.


Are you bored travelling by bike and car daily and wish to have some other mode of transportation then wait till Rollkers hit the market after 2 years? These depict more or less like skaters and one can travel by simply putting them below your shoes. This personal transportation device has been developed by a French company. Using this one can easily cover 7 miles per hour. It even has electric motor balance and controller system to give you the much needed balance while travelling and to monitor the speed. Using them is so simple and also one needs no pre-training to use them.

XOEye Technologies:

This is a kind of specifically designed spectacles. It comes with inbuilt sensors and camera. It even has bar-code scanning and perfectly suits for blue-collared people. One can as well track the number of steps taken and the number of times one has bent over using this glass. There is even a videolink which can be used to track the activities of a person. It can even be used for job training purposes.


What use is it to have a smartphone when you don’t have network. But when you have GoTenna, network shouldn’t be a big deal as you can send text messages and also share GPS location. But one complication is that even the second person too should have GoTenna if you wish to pass the information. This device is expected to be available in markets by the end of this July. It comes very handy to share information while working in remote places and also in emergency situations.

Lenovo Thinkpads:

Lenovo has showcased Thinkpads that are lesser in weight and speedier in work. The latest Thinkpads have used Intel’s latest fifth generation core processors: i5, i3 and i7.

ODG consumer smart glasses:

This glass has been designed and manufactured by California based glasses manufacturer specialized in making hi-tech military wearables’. It has features such as Qualcomm snapdragon 805 processor, accelerometer, gyroscope, stereoscopic HD display, magnetometer, and internal measurement unit. It even has GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, high speed autofocus camera, stereo and audio system.

These above mentioned gadgets and devices have marked their presence in the latest CES and have won the appreciation of both visitors and critics alike. Just sit and wait till they hit the markets for your enhanced comforts.

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