Taking more salt is inviting more health hazards

Too much is too bad and this holds well to even salt intake. The more you stuff in the salt the more you are inviting health problems. Let us talk in simple logics. What happens to the taste of food when the quantity of salt is increased? It becomes inconsumable, so is the case of your health. Increased amount of salt can drastically ignite health problems in no time. It has been found out in many studies. Here let us see the health risks of too much salt.

The role of excessive salt in degrading health is no less. Beginning with weak bones to weak heart salt is the culprit behind. Let us see all the health hazards you get by excessive salt intake.

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1) Obesity:

One of the most dangerous health risks of too much salt is obesity. One can easily become obese. Taking more quantity of salt will increase dehydration and also appetite. When these two take place we are forced to take heavy food and this will lead to obesity. Sometimes to beat dehydration people may take energy drinks which in addition to increasing weight will also lead to some other health problems.

2) Osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is nothing but weakening of bones gradually. Osteoporosis is the result of many factors and one amongst them is intake of the heavy salt. When the body is stuffed with additional salts, calcium gets dispersed through urine, as a result bones get weak and lose their density.

3) Hypertension:

Health risks of salt do not end with above and too much salt intake side effects also include increased blood pressure. We are all well aware that hypertension and many blood pressure related problems are the direct outcomes of salt. When you take more salt the body gets filled with increased sodium levels. The body, in order to dilute these levels, will keep intact the water content in it. This will lead to thickness of blood and will directly cast its effect on heart and leads to hypertension. When this runs for long time there are more chances to get affected by other kinds of problems.

4) Dehydration:

Body easily gets dehydrated due to increased salt intake. The reason behind this is again as simple as that- increased salt leads to increased sodium and the body gets dehydrated due to heavy sodium. In order to keep the body hydrated you need to take more water and in case you take less water and more salt you are inviting dehydration.

5) Kidney stones:

By taking more salt through food, the body is forced to remove calcium from the body through the kidney and when this happens, chances are more to get affected with kidney stones.

6) Intestinal cancer:

Heavy quantities of salt lead to intestinal degradation as the walls and membrane get weakened. This will lead to infections, inflammation and also cancer, in the long run.

So going by all these side effects of salt intake by now you would have understood how dangerous salt is. So take it very carefully. As per the WHO, appropriate intake of salt is just 5 grams per day.

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