Symptoms of ovarian cancer that may mislead you

Women are being exposed to many health risks these days due to many varied reasons. Unfortunately, these risks are landing them in most complicated and deadly diseases such as different types of cancers which make life hell to them. One such deadly cancer is ovarian cancer. As per many studies, ovarian cancer stands at fifth place amongst the most common type of cancers that affect women. Apart from this rampancy it is also the cancer that causes many deaths in women. One of the embarrassing facts of this cancer is the chances and risk factors of being affected by this disease grow with the age. Mostly women aged 70 plus are more prone to fall prey for ovarian cancer.

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Even the family history is a major key factor in deciding its occurrence. In case you have a family record of breast cancer then the chances are high that you may be affected with ovarian cancer. But this can be treated as many types of cancers in case you can find out the symptoms in early stage. But to know the primary symptoms of ovarian cancer is a bit difficult as the signs may be misleading. Many of the symptoms look like digestive and urinary infections and so many people pay deaf ear to them. But in general these symptoms even are to be considered as warning signs of ovarian cancer.

Here we go with uncommon signs of ovarian cancer:

  • All the long standing symptoms related to urinary and digestive system can as well be symptoms of this cancer.
  • Pain and pressure in the stomach and pelvic region is one sign that your body is connoting. Any discomfort and uneasiness in these areas should be dealt with seriously.
  • Lack of appetite and feeling of heaviness in stomach even though you had less amount food.
  • Perpetual indigestion, inflammation and blot in the stomach. These are the most common signs of this cancer which many women neglect. So keep an eye on these.
  • Sensing inflammation along with a protruded stomach can also be one sign.
  • A sudden decrease or increase in weight and loss of appetite.
  • Any changes noticed in the intestinal functions can also be a sign of it. When you notice this along with vomiting and motions then for sure you need an expert help.
  • ¬†Experiencing pain during sex.
  • Even back pain that sets in suddenly is also one sign that you should look for.

These above said signs may look like normal signs and most of the time misleads you. So be extra cautious and seek the advice of the doctors and act accordingly, as many of the cancers can be cured to the root when they are traced in the starting stages itself.  The above mentioned symptoms of ovarian cancer should not be neglected.

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