Sure strike salary negotiation tips for employees

Whether one likes are not salary issue is one thing that definitely comes across in the interviews. This is the main thing both for the seeker and giver alike. There is no escape from it. We have to face it but how to face this situation, when it is such difficult thing to negotiate. Here we go with the salary negotiation tactics to negotiate salary in an interview.

Incorporate salary history:

Every employer will definitely begin the talk with the present and expected CTC. This is quite common. When he directs that question the best bet would be to explain on your present income and simultaneously say that the expected CTC would depend on the responsibilities and work nature.

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Keep it open end:

It is a high ask for any employee to guess your expectations. So the best way would be to leave it open-ended till the right time. But make sure that your salary history is clearly visible for them this will give an idea for the employer to have an idea of your expectations. Generally according to experts asking nearly 25 to 30 percent more on the present CTC is ideal. This will easily mark your place, in case, rest of other things are up to the employers expectations. Don’t be too rigid on this issue you can still have time for this in the later stages in case you have performed well.

Know the realities:

The best salary negotiation skill is to always rely on realities rather than lingering in your own thoughts. Before you hit the interview know all the things about the company, more importantly the company’s financial background. So that you can get an idea of how much would be apt to ask. Give realistic salary figures during the process so that the company can know what they have to offer you. In case the company asks to specify on your salary demands play it safe, say approximate figure and also give a valid point why you are asking it. This will allow them to consider the matter.

Shape a range:

One of the easiest ways to give an answer to the salary questions is to prepare a rough estimate on what you wish to receive, begin with your past salary history. Give clarity on expected range of salary instead of leaving behind a specific figure. This will give ample scope to negotiate in the later stages and save the situation from being too rigid. Specify clearly on how the progress of your hike had been this will make the employer’s task easier.

Be honest:

One thing to note here is absolute honesty. Keep all your salary slips ready before you begin negotiating on this issue. Say what you have earned instead of trying to bluff. Also, give more priority to take home rather than focusing on other monetary benefits.

Did you get tips to face salary negotiation interview, then implement.

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