Super-foods for breakfast menus

Super-foods are a list of food items that are filled with nutrition, omega-3 and dietary fibers, making them ideal must-haves for a healthy body. These are not only has fruits and vegetables but contains some dairy products as well. Breakfasts on the other hand have been termed as the most important meal of a day, as we all must be aware of. Then wouldn’t it be a good idea to fuse both of these to be able to get a super-jump-start to your healthy mornings and healthy days. What makes these super-foods more desirable is the fact that they can be added in various recipes or could be taken alone as well. They are filling but do not make you lethargic because of low amount or null amount of saturated fats and carbohydrates in them. So, go ahead and grab them and add to your wonderful breakfasts.

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Oatmeal: There are a number of hidden and open benefits that oatmeal provides which are weight reduction, healthy heart, low blood pressure and higher immunity. Add some nuts and fruits along with milk and you have a perfect well balanced breakfast in front of you. If you can try to go for no or low sugar recipes and that would also help you in increasing your metabolism and aiding your digestive process.

Green tea: Tea in the morning is a must-have for many people. But try to have green tea for its antioxidant effect. Also, have it to avoid cancer and heart diseases because green tea has catechins which stop the growth of cancer cells. Avoid going for that cup of coffee in the morning and begin your day with green tea. There are various varieties available in the market but don’t have it with sugar and milk. Instead try honey to get the maximum benefit from the brewing cup.

Yogurt: While Greek yogurt is considered to be the best option when you want to go for this probiotic-rich delight, any yogurt would do. Try different variations that are present of this protein rich super-food. It can be taken alone or could be added in smoothies for kids and adults.

Blueberries: They are said to be a rich source of omega-3 and other antioxidants. Try strawberries or cranberries in your breakfast to get the tasty and healthy alternative to adding chocolates or other artificial sweeteners in your bowl of cornflakes or oatmeal. Strawberries are higher in Vitamin C than oranges and help in building tissues and also boosting immunity.

Salmon:  Try adding a bit of salmon to your daily egg fry or boiled eggs breakfasts. They have loads of omega-3 and help in keeping your heart and skin healthy.

Flaxseeds and Gojiberries: You can take them together or separately but they would surely make for healthy mornings. Omega-3, amino acids and lots of vitamins and minerals, these berries have all.

No matter what fitness regime you follow, having good breakfasts makes it to the list of all of them. Add these super-foods to your diet and see the difference.

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