Summer Fashion tips for that perfect look!

Summers are here and as the mercury soars higher and higher, reinventing your wardrobe- right from shoes to clothes, bags, and other accessories becomes absolutely necessary. Here are some top summer fashion trends and tips to keep you on the right track!

Summer fashion do’s and don’ts

Choose your summer fashion shoes wisely

During summers, your feet swell- so shop your summer shoes wisely. Choose a half-size to a full-size bigger than what you regularly buy. If you’re buying natural materials like leather, canvas, and suede, they will surely stretch, so a half-size bug should suffice. But for fancy or trendy footwear made of faux leather, plastic etc., it’s safer to go a full size up. Also, it is always recommended to go in for open toed sturdy footwear to keep your feet from sweating less. Many prefer flats during the summer. Whether you buy flats o heels, ankle-strap sandals are the in style this season.

Summer fashion clothes

Little white dresses, halter tops and super-thin denims in light shades are in this season. Also, it’s difficult to not get sweat stains in summer. Hide them with patterned clothing- these camouflage sweat stains much better than solid colors do. The simple rule for summer clothes shopping, like shoes, is to look for a bigger size fit- as the extra room allows air to circulate better, leaving you feeling more comfortable.

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Choose your fabric wisely

Natural fibers are the best choice in summer. Whatever you wear, keep in mind that the fabric is breathable. Go for cotton clothes that absorb perspiration and release it quickly. Linen is supposed to be the most breathable fabric- it’s stronger than cotton and a better conductor of heat. Silk, opposed to popular belief, is actually a good summer choice- but must be washed frequently as it catches sweat stains.

Summer fashion colors

Whites are the best color to wear during summers because it reflects the heat. Stick to light colors. Choose summery prints- florals, Hawaiian prints with lots of pineapples, palm trees or flamingoes- these prints look playful and peppy during the summers- steer clear of darker and louder shades.

Recycle and upcycle clothes in your wardrobe

Summers are the perfect time to reinvent your wardrobe. Before you spend big bucks on buying summery dresses, sort out your existing wardrobe. Sift for clothes you don’t want anymore- take them over to a tailor and get them cheaply transformed into trendy summer wear that looks totally different. Turn long, floor-grazing skirts into minis and rugged jeans into shorts, Crop long jackets or denim into shorter lengths that you can wear over your summer dresses.

Choose your summer fashion bags wisely

The best bags during summers are the ones that touch your skin the least. Choose sling bags or cross-body bags that rest on your clothed parts- thighs or hips rather than shoulder bags that stick to the armpits. As far as carrying makeup inside your totes are concerned (most of us do!)- either choose make-up bags or cases that feature a fully insulated interior and integrated coolant systems or leave a ziploc inside the freezer overnight, and stock your cosmetics in it before you leave for office- a good tip, though only temporary!

Summer fashion hats

A summer hat may seem suffocating to your scalp but will actually help you to stay cool by protecting your scalp from harmful UV rays. It also adds a dash of chic to your look.

Complete the look with the right sunglasses!

Go for the mirrored ones- they come in a variety of shades and shapes- and they look really cool!

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