Stylish dressing table designs to richness to home

The dressing table has its own say in makeup. It not only lets you see how gorgeous you look but will also give a chance to see your full portrait which the ordinary mirrors cannot provide. Apart from being an ideal makeup accessory it even adds looks to your home. But do remember all these can happen only when you know and follow correct tips to choose dressing tables or dressing mirrors.

How to choose dressing mirrors?

The market is flooded with many designs, patterns and also sizes of dressing mirrors. But choose the one that best suits your needs. It should also fit into your rooms and so have an idea on the available space you have in homes. The quality of the dressing mirror should be very high and it should showcase your image clearly. There should be perfect lighting either from the top or from the sides so that you don’t get a blur vision. Follow this perfectly or else your mirror will not serve your purpose.

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Different types of dressing mirrors:

As said above there are different dressing mirror designs. Now let us see each one of them and their uses.

Table reumo:

This dressing mirror does not have separate drawers. The mirror will be fixed straight in a wooden or iron frame. So the only way out to place your cosmetics and other things is to use a separate table to place them. This kind of mirror will be fixed straight away on the wall and the option to fix a table for cosmetic placing is not available. The advantage of this kind of mirror is you can see your full portrait right from hair to toe. This facilities you to redo even the slightest makeup mistakes committed by you. It also comes with the facility to turn the mirror upside down. So you can easily see yourself in different angels without much hassle. Sounds cool…right?

Dressing table console:

This is a kind of dressing table comes with the facility to close the mirror when it is not used. This means you can close the mirror by bending it forward. This facility enables to keep your mirror clean and dust free. When the mirror is closed all the drawer boxes can be closed and this gives the mirror a box shape. It also has another variation, as soon as the mirror is opened all the boxes will get automatically opened. This kind of mirror is best suited for less spaced rooms and where the rooms are congested.

Other dressing mirrors include wall mounting and table trellis. Aren’t these mirror designs really useful for you? So choose the best design for your needs and act smart.

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