Study says ‘children of depressed parents don’t have healthy growth’

God knows how depression can affect the health of an individual but if you are a parent and are suffering from depression then you are definitely affecting the health of your babies. This has been confirmed by the latest studies. If one of the parents or both of them are suffering from depression then this is a matter of concern for the health of the children.

Depression and its symptoms present in parents will lead to changes in the behavior of the children. Till recently many of the studies have thought that the onset of depression post delivery is common for women. But the latest studies are saying that this situation is also present in men.

The past studies have said that when a mother is suffering from postpartum depression the child’s behavior gets affected. But the recent studies have also said the same effects can be noticed in children when a father suffers from postpartum depression.

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As per the studies, children of depressed parents have a higher rate of becoming arrogant and also keep bothering others for no reason at all. The study has also said that in this particular situation children are not to be blamed as the reason behind this situation are parents.

One strangest and the indigestible fact is that, the parents suffering from this situation will not bother to change the behavior of children. The reason behind this is simple as the parents themselves are victims of mood swings they cannot care for the children and their behavior.

The researchers of the studies have also found that quality time spent between the children and parents suffering from depression are also less. These parents can neither look deep into the eyes of the children nor spend some happy moments with their children as they are always in their own world.

These types of parents also try to avoid the children, which is the worst thing that can happen to growing children. This tendency leads to the improper growth of children.

The studies have also found that children of such parents lack social skills which are generally present in children of normal parents. This situation can as well lead to many psychiatric disorders in children, confirmed the report.

Generally the symptoms of postpartum depression are moody behavior, mood swings, anxiety, involuntary weeping, fatigue, and lack of sleep. Sometimes the thought of suicide also can be seen. Generally these symptoms run for few days, few weeks or few months. Running for few months can be fatal to the growth of the children.

As per studies, one out of 10 parents suffers from this situation. The only way out is to seek medical intervention when you notice these symptoms.

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