Studies say ‘Graviola tree’ cures cancer

Nature has again proved that it is more effective and intelligent than humankind in treating deadly diseases. The latest developments in cancer treatment say that Graviola (Soursop) tree can cure cancer effectively. Drinking Graviola juice has effectively checked cancer, so this is again a nature’s success over humans and their intelligence.

Eating the white edible pulpy part of the fruit has many health benefits apart from ant-cancer effect. It is also highly useful in treating many other medical complications due to its strong antioxidant nature. The researches have also said that it is useful in treating many types of cancer due to its high anti tumor nature. One good thing is that not only the fruit almost all the parts of the plant have proven useful in treating cancer.

In addition to being a cure for cancer, it is even a good antimicrobial factor both for fungal and bacterial infections. It effectively fights against worms and parasites, safeguards the body from high blood pressure, and relieves nerve malfunctions, stress and depressions.

As per studies apart from the above health benefits the tree has shown a promised cure for cancer in the near future. The studies show that with the extracts from Graviola tree it is now expected to:

  • Treat cancer effectively and safely by using just natural ways which does not lead to severe nausea, hair loss and weight loss.
  • Protect the immune system apart from obstructing life-threatening infections.
  • Experiencing healthier and stronger senses all through the treatment course.
  • Boost the energy apart from improving the outlook in life.

The other research points revealed about the extracts from this marvelous tree include…..

  1. The extracts proved to effectively identify and destroy cancer cells in twelve kinds of cancer, which also includes breast, colon, lung, prostate, and pancreatic cancers.
  2. Tree compounds have proven to be nearly ten thousand times better in slowing down the cancer cell growth when compared to Adriamycin, a usually administered chemotherapeutic drug.
  3. The more interesting fact is that dissimilar to chemotherapy, the Graviola tree extracted compound selectively targets the cancer cells and kills them leaving behind good cells.

Almost all the research studies conducted on this tree have proven the tree’s might in killing cancer cells apart from many other health benefits. Now the question is how far this tree’s extract can be synthesized into medical drug.

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