Studies say ‘’Brown fat fights diabetes and obesity’’

Accumulated body fats indispensably carries bad repute, but seems like new theories such as brown fat theory are slowly making this half truth. The studies and researches are showing growing proofs that say some fats such as brown fat (brown adipose tissue) are pro healthy.

The list of health benefits derived from brown fat is growing with time. The studies have proven that brown fat helps in weight loss and controlling diabetes e.

According to latest medical researches and journals people with high brown fat levels have lesser chances of being affected with diabetes and obesity. The studies have found that this fat helped in improved insulin sensitivity apart from controlling blood sugar and improving fat-burn metabolism.

Till recently science believed that this fat was present only in newborns and got disappeared automatically as they started growing. But a study publication that came out in 2009 in England said: brown fat can in fact be present in adults. The study also said that it is present more in younger people than in older adults. It even confirmed that slim people and women had more amount of fat content. The small amount of leftover brown fat that is carried from infant stage is present in the higher (upper) back and also on the side areas of neck.

How brown fat acts on diabetes and obesity?

Since the findings of brown fat in adults researches are being made and developed to use brown fat in controlling diabetes and obesity. Studies suggest that the heat regulating character of brown fat can be used to burn additional calories and achieve weight loss.

The functioning of brown fat is completely different to white fat, while the white fat increases with every added calorie the brown fat on activation burns the calories and keeps the body warm. Brown fat even easily absorbs the calories from sugar and fat which may ultimately help in fighting sugar and obesity.

How to activate brown fat?

To activate brown fat you need not put your body to rigorous exercises but just expose it to increased cold temperature than what the body normally can take. Once the brown fat is activated it can burn nearly 300 calories per each day. Exposing the body to high cold temperature for 10-15 minutes can give identical hormonal effect in the body same like doing exercise for an hour. The amount of brown fat can also be increased by exposing the body to cold climates for couple of weeks.

Brown fat is also expected to be present with extra health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and so on, for which the studies have yet to prove.

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