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Global Warming: What you need to know

Global warming is an abnormal rise in the average temperature of the Earth, triggered by the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon by which rays of the sun, reflected back from the earth, are not able to radiate back into space- rather; they are trapped by certain gases in the upper layer of the atmosphere. This leads to an abnormal heating up of the earth, which further results in undesirable climate changes.

Prevent global warming and Save Mother Earth

While global warming may seem to be a natural phenomenon, it is actually as much a man-made process as natural. The primary green house gases in the Earth’s atmosphere are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. If each one of us can control the amount of emissions that we send out into the atmosphere every day, it can be a big step to stop global warming. Here’s what we can do to help global warming.

Tips to help stop global warming

Several intelligent lifestyle changes at an individual level can help stop global warming.

Limit your use of fossil fuels

One of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases comes from burning oil and carbon. If you can limit your use of fossil fuels by switching to alternative sources of energy like solar, water or wind power, you will have taken a major step towards stopping global warming.

Go green, Stop global warming

Planting trees is an epic way to care for your environment. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. So the more trees you plant, the more you help to cut the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.

Conserve water

A considerable amount of energy is spent purifying and distributing water across households, and this contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Use water sensibly- turn off the shower while you shampoo or turn off the tap while you’re brushing. Repair dripping taps or leaking pipes and practice rainwater harvesting. Limit your use of hot water.

Drive smart

Buy a fuel-efficient car. Keep your tires properly inflated- it improves your gas mileage. Drive less, choose healthier options like cycling or walking, whenever possible. Carpool when you can and if it’s prudent, get your supplies from a local shop so you don’t have to drive down to pick them up.

Turn “Off” more often

Switch off the lights and fans, when not in use. Turn off your computers, television or stereo when not in use- basically use energy sensibly.

Conserve energy

Try saving electricity by using energy efficient appliances at home. Replace old appliances- inefficient appliance are a waste of energy. Even when electric appliances are not in use, they can eat up energy- unplug unused electronics. Reduce the use of gasoline and switch to green power, if that’s available with your electricity provider. And replace incandescent bulbs with CFL’s or LED’s. Air-dry your clothes and dishes and use the energy-saving settings on your dishwasher. By making these small thoughtful changes, you are not only saving yourself a lot of money, but creating a safe environment for your future generations.

Finally, spread the word and make a world of difference!

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