Spiritual living is successful living

All the religions irrespective of their global boundaries seek people to lead a spiritual life. The core essence of any religion is spirituality. Any book or for that matter any spiritual guru emphasizes humans to lead spiritual life. According to them spirituality is the essence of life and prime factor for happy life. All the types of moral values of life are nothing and incomplete without spiritual values. Let us see how to lead a spiritual life in all modes of life and be happy ever after.

Thought process:

According to spiritual philosophy the more your thoughts are filled with spiritualism the more happily and prosper your life will be. The thoughts should be clear and divine. There should be simplicity in thought process. The soul and mind should be peaceful and concentrated. A healthy relation with good people will make your thoughts healthy. Reading spiritual books and cordial relations with people should be the life mantra. Independent thinking, charity, poised life, and a brotherly feeling are essential to lad happy life. Without these life comes to standstill and havocking life is no far away. Your actions should be divine and ethical.

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Code of conduct:

Good thoughts, absorbing good nature from surroundings, being patient, heeding to elders, being friendly with your neighbors, caring tendency towards children,  kind words, unaltered thoughts, being away from selfishness are the first things to have moral life. All these will bring you happiness and also success in life. A fair relation with others is the first secret to success. When you don’t have all these chances are high that you will never meet success in life. Spirituality also propels penance and bachelorhood for increased body control.

Controlling the body:

Having control on body is equivalent to having control on desires. The 5 senses should always listen to what you say. A healthy life, planned time management, and correct way of feeding the body are vital for good life. Yoga and meditation are the first things that humans need to have control over the body. A body that doesn’t listen to you is always an obstacle for good life.

Controlling desires:

The reason behind many sufferings and miseries in this impermanent world is desire. Unethical desires and greed have pushed people into miseries. The desires might be physical or mental. The more you are away from heavenly desires and physical pleasures the more happy you can be.

Money and its vitality:

Simplicity, hard working nature and saving habits can make your life more meaningful. Expecting some form of monetary reward without any work is what the spirituality is against. Working and earning should be the money theory. Sharing and caring for the society with your prosperity gives its own share of good and happiness advocates all the spiritual books.

These are few moral values that you should inculcate to have a meaningful life, after all the whole essence of life is to lead a happy life and exemplified life. The importance of moral values should never ever be bygone.

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