Speedy eating will cause obesity

Obesity is on the rise throughout the world. It is affecting many people irrespective of age and gender. The causes of obesity reasons are many. One of the important reasons amongst them is the lack of proper food habits. The increased work pressure and lack of time have lead to reckless and hurried eating patterns in many people. Many people think obesity is the cause of increased stress and professional demand but actually it is only a minute share of the cause of obesity and weight. The most vital factor is the time you spend for eating. The lesser time you spend to eat the more you grow in weight and the more time you spend to eat the lesser weight you pile up. This has been the research report of many studies. The studies have also said that people who have the habit of eating speedily since childhood are at increased chances to grow in weight.

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Mere habit of eating speedily can lead to obesity irrespective of the stipulated time to eat, proper digestion, correct levels of appetite, professional and business pressures. As days pass on this problem grows, thereby making people more obese. Anyhow keeping aside all the other obesity causes, speedy eating habit will augment the chances of obesity according to experts. The one simple logic behind this is, the speedier you eat the more calories you take in less time. The part of the brain that should indicate the amount of food to be taken fails to carry on its duty due to the increased pace of eating, as a result people end up eating more. Let us put it in even simpler way….say suppose the body needs some 300 calories and you end up eating 600 calories, the end result is you end up building weight as the brain doesn’t indicate you where to stop eating due to speedy eating habits. In case you are under this category stop the habit of eating more speedily and follow the thumb rule of chewing every morsel for not less than 32 times. Doing so will lessen the amount of food intake and will also additionally lead to proper digestion.

To kick off this habit which you have stuck to since years is not an easy task and this is where the problem arises. It takes a lot of willpower and time to change but still make an effort to kick off this habit as soon as possible then alone you can lose the weight. Change the eating pattern and obesity will come down. The way you eat should have more time in eating. Implement all the ways to increase the time spent on eating.

So going by the above studies you have found an effective way to lose weight so be patient in losing weight and decrease weight in lesser time.

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