Some foods are natural painkillers

Body and joint pains can bring hurdles for smooth working and if you are suffering from arthritis or some other longstanding pains it can be even worse. Many of us depend on pain killers that are available from over the counter. But these medications might be fatal if taken regularly. So it is better to go natural to fight pains. One way of treating pain naturally is to keep an eye on the diet we take. Here are few diets to fight pain, they act as natural pain killers, and by eating them you are actually lessening the pain.

1) Eat millets such as pearl millet, thinai millet, varagu millet, finger millet, sorghum and jowar. These have high amounts of magnesium, fiber and other required minerals to reduce pain naturally. Use the flour from these millets to make breads and other diets and keep eating regularly to beat pain.

2) One of the best diet for pain relief that has found its place as a natural cure for many diseases since ages is ginger. This highly effective and anti-bacterial food also cures pains. It has rich amounts of ibuprofen that is normally used in the medicines to treat pains. This ibuprofen is highly useful in treating pains that arise in joints. So make sure that ginger is present in as many recipes as possible. Not only in foods it can as well be used in tea. Drinking ginger tea will also fight respiratory infections.

3) Turmeric powder is also a good anti-pain agent. It is one of the most important spices widely used in Mediterranean diets. Turmeric powder is also a good antibiotic. Using this in as many curry preparations as possible is one way to get relief from constant pains.

4) Olive oil is one of the oils that come with lot many health benefits and one health benefit out of the stock is-it fights pains effectively. The high amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols in it will enhance the functions of body naturally and increase immunity power. When the functions of the body and immunity are increased it becomes easy for the body to lower pains. Apart from assisting in easing all kinds of pains it even makes the bones stronger. But be careful not to overuse it as it is high in calories. One tablespoon of olive oil will lead to 120 calories of energy.

5) Fruits are natural pain killers and one fruit that is very effective in treating any kind of pain is strawberry. It has vitamin C that easily fights pains.

6) Eating green leafy veggies is also one option to fight pains. Eat more of spinach and Fenugreek.

7) Depend more on dairy products such as milk and yogurt, they have high amounts of calcium that makes the bones strong, and when bones are strong, fighting bone pains is easy.

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